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Celebrity, originally uploaded by luzer™.

the latest from Lanina's Shop

Strobist Info:
used DIY Lightbox
sb-800 on the right pointing up, set @ 1/128
sb-26 on left, pointing down, set @ 1/64
onboard flash, manual, 1/32
no PP

Sketch of Mouth (plaster form)

Sketch of Mouth (plaster form), originally uploaded by luzer™.

Taking a class at the 92nd St Y, Head First.
so far, so good.

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Barefoot [more]

Barefoot [more], originally uploaded by luzer™.

Strobist Info:
-DIY softbox
-sb800 on the left/top (50mm 1/128 iso200)
-sb26 on the right (50mm 1/164 iso200).
-Nikon D80 in manual mode fired strobes.
-glass base (for some)
-white poster board
-changed levels/sharpness in PS

more items for sale at lanina

Amy Sedaris Appearance Tonight @ BottleRocket

Wine tasting and I Like You book signing at Bottlerocket Wine (5 W. 19th Street, NY), May 9th, 6-9 pm. Free; reservations not required. More info here.

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Lovers on a Grassy Hill

Lovers on a Grassy Hill, originally uploaded by luzer™.

Jason Schwartzman's Coconut Records, 'West Coast'

Jason Schwartzman (of 'Rushmore' and Phantom Planet fame) just released a solo album under the alias Coconut Records called 'Nighttiming.' For the disc's first video, 'West Coast,' Schwartzman tapped his pal Cheryl Dunn for directorial duties and pro-skater Mark Gonzales as the subject. Since Schwartzman is currently off shooting the Ben Stiller film 'The Marc Pease Experience,' Gonzales crafted the video with rare skateboarding footage from an exhibit in Germany.

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Say thank you,Mom

Say thank you,Mom, originally uploaded by luzer™.

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