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Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes, originally uploaded by luzer.


When your eyes are working this hard for a long period of time, the strain may cause a number of physical effects. Symptoms of eye strain include sore eyeballs, headaches, back and neck aches, drooping eyelids and blurred vision. Because you often don't blink enough when focusing on a single object, you may also experience uncomfortable dryness in your eyes. None of this damages your eyes, and all of it eventually goes away after you stop straining them. Many eye doctors leave it at that, but some note that eye strain may contribute to nearsightedness. Most people who are nearsighted were born that way, but there is evidence that prolonged eye strain can make it worse.

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AJ 23

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Sketch of a [Mean] Model

Sketch of a [Mean] Model, originally uploaded by luzer.

i sketched this model in the winter of 2007 for an art class at the 92nd st y.
this was my favourite piece the entire semester (sad).
original size 14" x 17".
she really looked ticked off, though i am upset i never got to finish it.

maybe will play around with my wacom in pshop.


Timeless, originally uploaded by luzer.

Are Macs *Really* More Expensive?

I configured the new Mac Pro with all the fixings. My total was $27.340.90

The Dell XPS 720, only $16,853.00

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Yummy Squirrel

Yummy Squirrel, originally uploaded by luzer.

I was walking around the UWS yesterday with my brand new (2nd-hand) Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 ED Tele Lens weighing down on my shoulder strap/neck, wondering why i bothered carrying this monster of a lens around with me; when, suddenly saw a crowd gathering near the Museum Natural History.

Knowing NYers care not for (human) celebrities, I was surprise to see a hawk devouring a squirrel. Some viewers guessed it was Pale Male. I am not convinced (we saw another one later in the park).


sigh, originally uploaded by luzer.

kobe 2k4 laser side

kobe 2k4 laser side, originally uploaded by luzer.

strobist info:
testing on new nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 ED (purchased off craigslist).
sb800 set to 1/4 power w/ softlighter2 to left.
sb26 set to 1/32 hand held 6" above.

Addicted to Apple Quiz

Best Present for a Husband to give his Wife?

Though no longer in the running for husband-of-the-year, I still try and buy the perfect gift for my WAG, no matter the occasions.

A technique I have employed recently is to buy her a gift that, even if she doesn't love it, I, perchance, might still enjoy. This way- even if she hates it- you can still make use of it. Sometimes this is moderately successful (iMac), sometimes it fails (The Look Book), and sometimes its met with a weird, half-smiling/half-grimacing, mixed reaction (Nimrod Nation T-Shirts).

However, based on the success of the 5Wii New Year's Party, I am thinking the Nintendo Wii *might* be a success...

more to come

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Green, Red, Purple

Green, Red, Purple, originally uploaded by luzer.

Playing around with long shutter speeds, and my newish Gorillapod, at the first annual 5Wii New-years Party.

Needless to say, we had fun.

Thanks, hosts and models!

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