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Does Beirut Remind Anyone Else of Amelie Soundtrack?

Showtime No Can Spell

(thanks to bigE for the head's-up)

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Capri's Shore

Capri's Shore, originally uploaded by luzer.

view when you get off the boat (aka hydafoil) from Sorrento to the Island of Capri.

water and sky are a blue's blue.

see the set for more.

Wed's Random Thoughts (and CYE thoughts)

- On the heels of Deborah Gibson's recent name change, it looks like Debbie/Deborah Harry has followed suit.

- CYE has gotten better this season, notably The Anonymous Donor, The Ida Funkhouser Roadside Memorial , Rat Dog (sick s*x), and Tivo Guy. The Tivo Guy was especially unique for CYE, sharing with us a more sensitive/serious side of LD, esp in lieu of Larry's recent split with his real-life wife, Inconvenient Truth's Laurie (how annoying, Larry/Laurie). Of course, filming ended before the divorce was announced. In an interview with The Associated Press in early September (after the season wrapped but before it hit the air), David played cagey when asked if his marital woes would seep into the show.
"Can't fire Cheryl," he replied.

- More CYE: Apparently Ted Danson is a real-life ocean-lover.

- Even more CYE: The Dry Cleaner's lack of side-burns once again exposes the casting director's lack of knowledge of basic ultra-orthodox Jewish practices.

- NYMAG has something to say on this.

- A description of the season finale, titled "The Bat Mitzvah," provides a tantalizing clue, however. "An upcoming Bat Mitzvah provides Larry with an opportunity to clear up his recent domestic travails," the description says.

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The Death of the FauxHawk (AKA: The Rebirth of the Side-Part)

hi again.

We all know the fauxhawk (wiki) had a great run. Some of out favorite celebrities got where they are today by sporting it (Beckham, Sanjaya, Collen, others). But maybe it's time we moved on to something new? Or, rather, new-yet-classic.

I am talking, of course, about the side-part.

First introduced in 1951, it seems this style-that-just-won't-quit is back with avengance. Recent celebs to sport it are:

- Dexter
- Adrian Brody
- George W.
- Mr. Rogers

The former two seems to favour a "poofy" version, explaining their higher popularity ratings than the latter. (btw, i still enjoy (over)using former/latter.)

if you are like me, i would get in while this stock is low: go home tonight and side-part. Use Gel. You will be surprised how great it will look. i guarantee it.


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Sunflower Pirate (& friends)

Sunflower Pirate (& friends), originally uploaded by luzer.

Be Patient, Grasshopper

Be Patient, Grasshopper, originally uploaded by luzer.

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