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Often described as "The Orthodox Seinfeld"

Often described as "The Orthodox Seinfeld", Jeff Lax is tearing up the UWS comedy scene. With such supporters as City Councilman Dov Hikind (hailed Jeff's "unique brand of kosher comedy"), there is no way he can fail.

Other bullet points from his website:

Visit his site and let me know if you agree.

Laguna Beach: Pseudo-Reality Show

YOU asked for it:
There has been quite a buzz recently that MTV's latest hit, Laguna Beach, is 100% FAKE! the few proofs gathered (for your convenience) are:

  • Camera shots/angles are more like a 3-camera sitcom than a reality show
  • Actors/cast-members are more attractive than the average high school student (even in the OC)
  • Prepared dialogue (So, how is your relationship with Jason?)
  • This past week's US Weekly claims it's fake (thanks BigE)
  • There was a cast photo posted on the webshots site with the "real names" of the characters. [EDIT: later pulled down]

People often mistake this claim (and purposely dilute the message) with other, similar, ones that say the same thing about the Real World Austin, all the TLC shows, and others. The difference is obvious: while the other reality shows might be influenced by the producers (story lines, topics of conversation, fake time lines), they aren't completely staged.

UPDATE: to be fair, I recently came across the LB "Real" Prom Photos... to be continued...
UPDATE2: I did some investigative reporting and watched 3 straight episodes last nite. I am in love. I think its real! How could Jason's GF be some dumb!?? he is definitely cheating on you!! Move on!

Jason Alexander is a RAT: Reason #8

#8) this picture-->

Jason Alexander, Leonard Nimoy and Kyra Sedgwick:
Prominent Jews Talk About Being Jewish

Jason Alexander, Leonard Nimoy and Kyra Sedgwick:
Prominent Jews Talk About Being JewishAbigail Pogrebin, moderator

The "Stars of David," some of America’s most prominent Jews talk about their Jewish identity (or lack of one) and reveal how they became who they are today. Jason Alexander earned a place in the television comedy pantheon for his role as George Costanza in Seinfeld. Leonard Nimoy, most famous as Mr. Spock in Star Trek, directed Three Men and a Baby and The Good Mother. Kyra Sedgwick is best known for her film roles in Born on the Fourth of July and Something to Talk About. Celebrity guests subject to change.

this seems more like the cast of The Jewish Surreal Life, than anything else!

WTH: Kashiyusko Bridge?

WTH is the Kashiyusko [sic] Bridge? All is ever hear on the radio in the morning is that this often-overlooked roadway is backed-up, causing major headaches. The question of the day is What the heck does this bridge do?

update: it is really spelled kosciuszko. go figure.

Memory issues with AJAX / Callback / ComponentArt Grid 3.0

I have been using AJAX/Javascript Callbacks/whatever you want to call them for a few years now. I am excited at the recent adoption of the community at large of these products, but, at the same time, worried that people down realize the limitations.

Specifically, client-side scripting languages do a horrible job of memory management. Well, technically, its most modern browsers are good at releasing resources- when they are told to do so. However, they arent being told to free-up memory when a new object is loaded via AJAX/Callback (to release the previous div/grid/etc).

I wonder if Componentart is considering any way around this?

Example below.
Grid fro 3.0 Beta
Callback (AJAX) mode
IE Empty - 10,908 MB
Load callback_mode/WebForm1.aspx - 19,748 MB
Click on Subject - 22,072 MB
Click on Subject - 22,404 MB
Click on Recieved - 22,500 MB

Server-side Running Mode
Load /server_sideRunningMode/WebForm1.aspx - 18,784 MB
Click on Subject - 19,444
Click on Subject - 19,328 MB
Click on Recieved - 19,672 MB

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