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Read the Fabio Article in RADAR

Fabio loves Israel, but might be crazy:

"The Israeli people have been the sacrificial lamb of history," Fabio declares. It's mid-August, and the bombs are dropping in Lebanon as we stand in the kitchen of his sprawling Spanish-style mansion in Los Angeles (his publicist asked that we keep the neighborhood a secret to deter stalkers). The so-called Harlequin heartthrob, a diehard news junkie, has had a lot on his mind lately, particularly when it comes to Middle East policy and the Iraq war.

"It's about fucking time," he says, as Fox News reports on Israel's attempt to push Hezbollah out of Southern Lebanon. "[The Jews] have been getting killed for 5,000 years. Enough is enough. The rest of the world does not give a shit, except America, because the Israelis have no oil. Everyone sticks with those Arabs—because they have the oil."

and, just weird

"I have a business mind," he explains. "I come from a business family. My father was the second man in the world to build conveyor belts. I love business, and I love people."


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6.3 Mile Ride in the Cold...

Wasn't that long a ride. But we needed to add air to our tires. And wear mittens.

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Robot vs. Yoshi

Robot vs. Yoshi, originally uploaded by jocieposse.

we got puppies

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow, originally uploaded by luzer.

playing around with my nikon 105mmf28 macro

My Hills Rating System

Gurls, in order of likeness
1) Whitney. Tall and dumb. Makes funny eye-faces.
2) Audrina. Brunette. But huge teeth/ears that could take over her entire face if allowed. Being used by JB(b3)
3) LC. Hooking with brody is low, considering he has glove.
4) LO. Eyes too close together. Seems dumb.
5) Hidey. Conniving, and plastic surgery, nuff said.
6) Jennbunny. Plastic surgery, and rat-ty.
1) Brody. Tall and rich. Doesn’t talk smack about another people. Allegedly.
2) Frankie. Kissed lo, surprisingly.
3) Justinbobby. Johny Depp meets Eddie Vedar meets a burette-salesman. Wears capri pants.
4) Spencer. Looks like Roy Batty (bleach-blond supervillian), with more teeth. S*x tape (alleged). Nuff said.

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Look kids, Mo Rocca!

Look kids, Mo Rocca!, originally uploaded by carpe icthus.

A lot more from today's (right now's) protest of Columbia University inviting Iran's president to debate coming soon.

Uploaded by carpe icthus on 24 Sep 07, 2.11PM EST.
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Negating Hate

Negating Hate, originally uploaded by carpe icthus.

A Columbia University Teachers College professor rests after a rabbi affixed a Mezuzah, a Jewish symbol of G-d's presence, to her door. Earlier in the week, someone had spray-painted a swastika on her door, the latest in a series of hate crimes in the area.

This is a terrible non-sequitur, but my latest Amazon article, "There's More than Pictures in Your Pictures", is up.

What am I doing with my life?

What am I doing with my life?, originally uploaded by luzer.

Still Life, Natural, Murano

Still Life, Natural, Murano, originally uploaded by luzer.

walking through murano, the streets were empty.
i liked this shot.
reminds me of that infamous archie andrews comic.

Sorrento Church in HDR

Sorrento Church in HDR, originally uploaded by luzer.

best in large

Set of shots taken with 3 exposures each, merged to a single High Dynamic Range shot, aka HDR.

used PhotoMatix software. Much better than Photoshop CS3's built-in HDR feature.

more info here:

Panorama Vatican Museum Courtyard

Panorama Vatican Museum Courtyard, originally uploaded by luzer.

View this Panorama in 3-D

just testing out SPi-V Panorama software. basically, stitch together some shots in pshop, and point the SPi-V engine to it.

This one from the courtyard of the Vatican Museum, before you enter. the tour groups are reading about the Chapel.

Madrid Bombers: Dressed Casually?

Two questions:
1) Why are the Madrid bombing suspects allowed to wear civilian clothes?
2) Why are they dressed like hip/cool euro-trash 20-somethings?

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ted danson asks: how can this be a toupee?

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