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Bryant Suspended for Striking Ginobili

What a joke. I wait a full year for this night, spending time and energy getting good seats, and now ruined, for no reason...

Reasons Kobe should not have been suspended for hitting Ginobili.
1) the Lakers come to NYC once a year.
2) It was inadvertent.
3) Ginobili is a flopper and deserves it.

Kobe Bryant was suspended one game without pay by the NBA on Tuesday for striking San Antonio's Manu Ginobili in the face. Bryant was to miss Tuesday's game against the New York Knicks, leaving the Lakers without their leading scorer when they opened an eight-game road trip. The incident occurred with 2.7 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter of the Lakers' 96-94 overtime loss to the Spurs on Sunday. Bryant is averaging 28.4 points, 5.5 assists and 5.4 rebounds.

UPDATE 1: Video of the hit

UPDATE 2: nba rulebook says you need intent or an elbow. this had neither.

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TOP CHEF: Elia with a wig!

So; i was wrong. I have predicted it would be Ilan who packs his bags. Instead, it was Cliff.
The minds over at AB
are claiming that Elia was full-headed when they attacked Marcel.

I don;t think that was true, and not sure if that supports my claim that they would shave in order to cover up their follies.

Maybe she was wearing a wig (picture over here), or, they shaved her head after, not as a cover up, but just to prove what alcohol can do.

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TOP CHEF Contest#1: Marcel Look-a-like?

Who does Marcel look like? 1) Heat-Mister? 2) Eddie Munster?
(please vote, and i will tally the results.)

ps: thanks to angie for the idea/heat-mister reference!

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Nate Dern: Beauty and the (NOT A REAL) Geek

We seem to be getting older, but, the world is definitely not changing. At least not when it comes to reality TV shows produced by Ashton Kutcher. The latest season of WB's Beauty and the Geek has introduced us to yet another group of eight soon-to-be-infamous cookie-cutter geeks, each hand-selected from their respective demographic; And, all for our viewing enjoyment. We have the Star-Wars guy, the Star-TREK guy, the Skinny guy, the Pi guy, the NES guy,the Indian guy. I think that is it.

However, something is off. Our crackpot staff at MM have identified at least 2 geek-plants. Or GENTS. First there is Nate, the lovable long-haired star-wars tribute band lead singer. He wears 60s style vintage clothing- making sure not 2 pieces match at the same time: looking more like Jughead Jones-meets-Williamsburg, Brooklyn than someone fitting his title. Furthermore, his perfect 3-month growth of hair/beard combo seems to cover up the normal- perhaps even cute - face of a new york based punish cauci-actor that just wants his 15 minutes of fame. (Remember Lifshitz?? Right). But, truthfully, Why not? Heck- who wouldn't want to hang out with 8 beautiful babes for 8 weeks in a mansion, even if 75% are blond and/or dumb? Its great, you only competition is a 90 lb dude who has never seen a girl naked; and a 350 lb one who has a Nintendo controller tattooed on his forearm. Even I like star wars. Who doesn't? That hardly qualifies me as the top 10 geeks in the us.

Before you think I am over reacting, consider the stand-up challenge. Our insider seemed pretty confident on stage, almost as if he has had acting lessons in the past. Combine that with the fact that the upcoming episode promises us both a makeover and a hook-up. I think we have the making of yet another B&G scandal.

Side note. The other plant, who couldn't help smirking when he claimed he didn't know what it meant to "get booty" was kicked off of week 1. Which proves something, though I am not sure what.

Editor's Notes:
- Entertainment weekly seemed to have picked this up as well.
- Here you have an early video of Nate ACTING!!
- In this article, Nate claims he is not acting, and doesn't shower. We'll see.
- He was a track star in college
- UPDATE 3: clip of nate doing stand-up... sans beard. here. does this like a geek to you?
- also, this reporter says, "he is not so geeky"
- he runs nude here

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Top Chef Spoiler Marcel Gets his Vampire-Hair Shaven / Amuse-Biatch

First, I have to give props to, an amazing website blog devoted to every one's favourite, the most ridiculous, corporate-product-placement-up-the-wazoo show ever, Top Chef. Even if the site would s*cks, it still wouldn't matter. The name itself rocks sufficiently.

Next, for my big Top-chef-Kenmore-sears-kraft-other-product spoiler/prediction: The two NYC boyz: the Israeli from the [other] 'Neck, Ilan, and the Model-Chef-Model, Sam, shave littl' Marcel's hair in a immature prank which ends up biting both Ilan and Sam in the *ss. It no secret we hate Marcel's AND his huge hair. Who doesn't? He looks like a freakin' Jr. vampire. His poem was ghetto-horrible (tangent- why does Ilan always dress ghetto in confessional???) Right, back to the issue. These chefs should have learned their lesson from all the great reality-TV villains before them (Amarose, Santino, Beth, Jeffrey, JennLifshitz). Which is: don't fight him, cause the judges will just hold it against you (as Tom is starting to do). So, all remaining male members, sans Cliffy (no hair), shave their scalps in an emotional, but, too-late, morning-after moment filled with remorse/guilt/fear.
Remember. You heard it hear first. Unless i am wrong.


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My 3rd Photo Was Recently Published!!

Quick post (this even takes precedence over my upcoming WAB post):
I recently had a huge opportunity to do a commercial/editorial shoot for the prestigious American Jewish Life magazine. The subject was Don "Moses" Lerman (yes- THAT DM, the self-proclaimed fastest hands in competitive eating)- an almost-past-his-prime Jewish competitive eater. Meeting him was a real joy, as you must imagine. I submitted 4 final shots to the editor, and he choose this one (below).

You can read the article online, or in print.
AJL Article

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NEW: Website Review: Anah-Li

After many, many, many request from my dedicated fans for a website review-section, i am happy to announce this new feature: Every week (err, month) or so i will be reviewing a upandcoming website, in one of the hottest current technology arenas. This week, i present, Wedding Invitations.

Site Name: Anah-Li
Around Since: 2006
Niche: High-end Hand-made Wedding Invitations (in both Hebrew & English)
Audience: Young/Hip Jet-setting couple who wants the best
Price-per-invite: $2.50 - $12.00
Score: 8.5/10
Additional-Notes: If that scraggle-dove/pigeon on the bottom-right of the site bothers you enough to prevent you from buying anything from this start-up, i don't blame you. (it is, apparently, a hummingbird. Whatever. I hate pigeons.) However, if you stick around long enough to browse the site, you will find stunning examples of what hand-made weddings invitations should look like. [Obviously, the artist has done a great job of turning his/her life of solitude into a legitimate service, an example for all of us.] Ribbons, Lace, Cinnamon-sticks. There is no luxury craft item missing from the designs. A must for those of us getting married or birthdayed.


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Two NYC Sneaker Sales This Week

Starting tomorrow Wed January 3rd, Reed Space will be having a huge sale on Tees, Hoodies, Outerwear and Footwear 50%-75% off!! This goes on until next Tuesday but you know everything is going to blow out quick so hurry down.

Brands on sale:
Nike Footwear
Nike SB/White Label
Acapulco Gold
King Stampede
Once Upon a Time
10 Deep
Crooks and Castles
And much more!!!!!

Reed Space NY
151 Orchard Street | Map
New York, NY 10002
TEL #: 212-253-0588


Warehouse Sale
Supreme will have it's first ever warehouse sale. Selling samples, one-offs, and back stock. We are offering goods that were produced over the past 10 years.

Ladybug Ladybug

Ladybug Ladybug, originally uploaded by Thomas Hawk.

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