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Moshav Band Bass

Moshav Band Bass, originally uploaded by luzerâ„¢.

On the east side of manhattan, i picked up a used Nikon 105mm F/2.8 Micro (non-VR) for $300. Wifee called and invited me to jewzapalooza 2007. I used that lens to take these shots.

Uploaded by luzerâ„¢ on 10 Sep 07, 10.54PM EDT.

i rented the Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 vr (MSRP $1700) from adorama for $45 total for 24 hours. not a bad deal, imho.

i had read alot of security not allowing zoom/large/slr lenses in this venue, so i planned/executed this following scheme.

i walked in alone without my wife & friends. i carried my d80 body only & small 35mmf20 lens. removed the SD card, stuck in 5th pocket. gave one battery to friend, one to wife. gave huge 70-200vr to wife (she is pretty- security guards let her get away with more, i have found).

as i walked in, one security said, wait, its a large camera. he called over another guard, who said, nah, only "large" lenses are not allowed. they didnt even check my wife's bag.

when the band finally started playing, and it got dark, i reached down and pulled out my 70-200. it was huge. i didnt have a chance to practice before the show, so it got some getting used to, but, overall, i was happy with it. i was in the center of the crowd.

around 30 minutes into the show, a huge (!!!) security guard grabbed me, said in my ear "you will put away that professional camera right now!" i said "ok", and tried to enjoy the rest of the show

overall, i think its a dumb rule. simply b/c the method the (un-knowledgeable) guards use is simply based on size. so once DSLRs shrink, it will be ok? or all cameras will not be allowed? or P&Ss in the front row should be allowed?

anyhow, here are some of the shots.




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