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Lisa Kudrow's The Ripoff

Lisa Kudrow is starring in a new sitcom on HBO titled The Comeback . The show's site describes here character as:

... a faded former sitcom star so desperate to
revive her career that she agrees to be the focus of a reality TV show called
The Comeback, which follows her every move as she attempts to land a part in a
new network sitcom about "four sexy singles living in a condo."

This "novel idea" for a sitcom seems strikingly similar to Season 2, Episode 1 of HBO's Curb Your Enthusiam, where Larry David's character comes up with an idea for an HBO sitcom where he and Jason Alexander contemplate making a new TV series about an actor who can't find work because he's typecast as a "jackass" character from a hit series. Larry David actually has a meeting (in a later episode [2:4] ) with an exec at HBO to discuss this same idea with Julia Louis-Dreyfus.


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    So lucky that I'm the first to post on mittelmite. Love the seemless combination of technology with entertainment news. Want to see pics of you (possibly with banlon) [sic].
    L, EMR  

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