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Memory issues with AJAX / Callback / ComponentArt Grid 3.0

I have been using AJAX/Javascript Callbacks/whatever you want to call them for a few years now. I am excited at the recent adoption of the community at large of these products, but, at the same time, worried that people down realize the limitations.

Specifically, client-side scripting languages do a horrible job of memory management. Well, technically, its most modern browsers are good at releasing resources- when they are told to do so. However, they arent being told to free-up memory when a new object is loaded via AJAX/Callback (to release the previous div/grid/etc).

I wonder if Componentart is considering any way around this?

Example below.
Grid fro 3.0 Beta
Callback (AJAX) mode
IE Empty - 10,908 MB
Load callback_mode/WebForm1.aspx - 19,748 MB
Click on Subject - 22,072 MB
Click on Subject - 22,404 MB
Click on Recieved - 22,500 MB

Server-side Running Mode
Load /server_sideRunningMode/WebForm1.aspx - 18,784 MB
Click on Subject - 19,444
Click on Subject - 19,328 MB
Click on Recieved - 19,672 MB

4 Responses to “Memory issues with AJAX / Callback / ComponentArt Grid 3.0”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Finally, a post about technology. I like that mittlemite is returning to its roots.
    -your #1 fan  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    who is zees?  

  3. # Blogger roy

    I just got off the phone with Componentart, they said no.

    Also, they want their pocket-protector back.  

  4. # Blogger cj

    good one.  

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