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How to build a cheap ringflash

How to build a cheap ringflash, originally uploaded by jedrek.

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  1. # Anonymous Khristinna Isabel

    Wow, I really enjoyed reading this. I'm actually thinking of doing this, it looks pretty easy and totally worth it.But i have to admit i dont own canon or nikon cameras but i do own a NORCENT XIAS im not sure if youve heard of it, but it has amazing quality and great resolution for a 7 mega pixel camera, i was wondering..could this ringflash work for my camera?..instead of making a huge ringflash i could possibly make a mini one..sorda mediumish? i was just wondering because i was soo amazed on how wonderful my photos came out, i want to play around with lighting for a little bit. if you can please write back to me
    i would gladly appreaciate it [:  

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