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The Death of the FauxHawk (AKA: The Rebirth of the Side-Part)

hi again.

We all know the fauxhawk (wiki) had a great run. Some of out favorite celebrities got where they are today by sporting it (Beckham, Sanjaya, Collen, others). But maybe it's time we moved on to something new? Or, rather, new-yet-classic.

I am talking, of course, about the side-part.

First introduced in 1951, it seems this style-that-just-won't-quit is back with avengance. Recent celebs to sport it are:

- Dexter
- Adrian Brody
- George W.
- Mr. Rogers

The former two seems to favour a "poofy" version, explaining their higher popularity ratings than the latter. (btw, i still enjoy (over)using former/latter.)

if you are like me, i would get in while this stock is low: go home tonight and side-part. Use Gel. You will be surprised how great it will look. i guarantee it.


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2 Responses to “The Death of the FauxHawk (AKA: The Rebirth of the Side-Part)”

  1. # Blogger Roy

    Thanks again MM for providing useful [yet fairly obvious] style observations. You are right on, as usual. Please do your readers the favour of providing more of these. Seriously.

    BTW - Dexter is the drama on TV.  

  2. # Blogger AmberSays

    Oh wow this was awe inspiring! was.  

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