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Beauty & The Actor Who Plays a Geek on TV

RFF reports that the beloved Beauty and the Geek star, Richard Rubin, was really an accomplished actor in college.

Richard starred in a number of plays at Brandeis. If you click on the links below you will see that he just filmed a student movie “Sanitaton Engineering” where he was nominated for Best Actor in a Comedic role at a film festival in New England.

As a moderate geek, this upset me 'cause he made me look so good. When he was a "real" geek. This kinda reminds me when i was told that Andy Milonakis is old...
UPDATE 1: i saw him on Punk'd - the one with AI.
UPDATE 2: the debate continues...

4 Responses to “Beauty & The Actor Who Plays a Geek on TV”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Does that make him an actor? I mean-- if someone was in a high school play does that void them from ever appearing on a reality show? Just a thought. That, and I like my geeks moderate. emr.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    you are missing the point
    its like finding out your hero is a fraud...
    like when the guy who got the full-court shot in at half-time in a bull's game was disqualified for not identifying the fact they he played junior college bball.

    or... when
    Shaq does a ill commercial about foor-fungus and wears a fake [insert NBA team here] jersey cause they couldnt afford to pay NBA royalties...  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    No need for boldface. I understand that it is sad for a somewhat geek, but you shouldn't automatically think that he is a fraud. He is still the same nerdo on the inside (and that's where it counts).

    Crunch-o-matics away.  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    i heart nerds  

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