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Get Rid Of Slimy pigeonS: Update #1

We have received your complaint of unsanitary conditions due to the feeding of pigeons, at W 97 St and Columbus Ave. and W 97 St and Amsterdam Ave.
We have generated Service Requests SR#11242855566, and SR#11242855550.
We will inspect these areas within the next few weeks.

311 is New York City's non-emergency phone number to access services and information about City government programs. Dial 311 from within the City or (212)NEW-YORK outside of the five boroughs. TTY service is also available by dialing (212) 504-4115.

You may report any future allegations of unsanitary conditions by dialing 311.

If you have any further questions, or comments, you may telephone me.


Bernard Zicherman
Associate Public Health Sanitarian
Office of Veterinary Public Health Services
Division of Environmental Health
The City of New York
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
125 Worth Street, CN-66
New York, NY 10013
Tel (212) 676-2115
Fax (212) 676-0463

3 Responses to “Get Rid Of Slimy pigeonS: Update #1”

  1. # Blogger roy

    you would be happy to know that I also made a complaint about the pigeon $41t. It was also a complaint about the deranged, possibly homeless man who feeds them and curses at people as they walk by. Something must be done.  

  2. # Anonymous dacey

    So this is a kind of helpline that may help to remove birds while we are in trouble.But there should be some safety one should provide to their home to keep away the birds  

  3. # Blogger nets nscreens

    Pigeons are the most hated bird because they used to damage property and harmful for health also.There are many replants which help you to get rid of pigeons.Bird spikes,bird netting are the amazing way to get rid of pigeons.

    Get Rid of Pigeons

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