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Sean (AKA The Stainish apprentice) is a Wanker!

During last night's anti-climatic and pathetic finale of Season whatever of Trump's The Apprentice, a few claims of our fearless lea..err.. Apprentice, Sean Yazbeck, rubbed me the wrong way. (not that I like Lee!! But even a jew(ish person) is better than a Brit).

  • Claim: "I love Tammy... I will marry her!"
    Truth: The broke up a while ago [source: MND]. I wonder [aloud] how much Sean paid Tammy to support him in the boardroom?

  • Claim: "Well- I was valedictorian!" (this quieted the education-centric Lee).
    Truth: There is no equivalent in the UK. The closest they have is a " laude system or roughly equating a first with a 4.0 GPA" [source: TWP]. Seanker also makes this claim on his Yahoo Q&A Site.

  • Claim: The University Of SouthHampton is a prestigious school nestled amongst the rolling hills of the UK, along the lines of a Oxford or Cambridge.
    Truth: SOTON is more like a Community College, only receiving University accreditation last year, way after Sean left [source: TWP].
Sadly, if there is anyone to blame for this fiasco, its ourselves. He sounded like Hugh Grant, and we fell for it. He said was the valedictorian in a prestigious college in the UK, so we believed him. He said he got the girl, and we took it at face value.

Lesson Learned: If a British guy makes the above claims, but, has constant cracked-lips, calls everyone 'darling', and tells Mr. Trump he will "work his fingers to the bone for him," don't believe him. Or- at least- check to see if he goes for the hairspray. Real Brits don't use hairspray.

UPDATE: even Forbes has the facts wrong!

9 Responses to “Sean (AKA The Stainish apprentice) is a Wanker!”

  1. # Anonymous BigE

    He's like someone who gains control of the world and then we all realize that he is absolutely stark raving mad. I just realized that he reminds me of Crispin Glover-- I just realized. BUT I still think he's better than Lee, who seemed underqualified and underprepared to work at McDonald's.  

  2. # Blogger cj

    when did you realize? when did you realize?  

  3. # Blogger roy

    Lee could have been great, I think. Those F-ing charity bitches really screwed him. The event was really weak and I can't stand those f-ing charity bitches (repetitive for necessary emphasis). I think Lee was robbed. He could have been a great "apprentice", he just needed the chance to learn.

    Sean sucks. He's unprofessional with his flirtatiousness in professional settings. He's so not a leader or "lea..err".

    Bottom line - Wrong pick.  

  4. # Blogger cj

    well put.

    Sean is a rat. it's obvious.
    He is a wanker, which is british for Rat.

    anyone who jumps up and down and bursts their fists out, like one having a seizure, does not deserver to be the wankprentice!  

  5. # Anonymous bige

    CJ-- Rude on you. Double expression was accidental as my thoughts were all coming out at once and I did not stop and preview. And those women were not biatches. They were just responsible and could smell the irresponsibility/fear stink on Lee. And if he was such a leader, why did Lenny walk all over him. I.E. Lenny picked the team; he greeted the celebs (terrible idea); and he made inapropriate jokes at the last meeting.  

  6. # Blogger cj

    triple rude on you.

    everyone knows inappropriate has 3 p's.
    but it is wrong to call women b*atches- even Lee's.
    remember, don't put your stinky feet,
    on the island where were we eat.
    bottom line- it's better to be a jokster,
    than a southhamptom wanker.  

  7. # Blogger roy

    No, no, no. Those ladies were indeed bitches. There's no way around it - their rudeness was almost unprofessional. They probably had a lifetime of verbal abuse and most probabaly had many a man run out on them. Thats the only explanation for their sourness/bitternes/bitchiness. I think that Lee was very professional as he understatedly referred to them as "tough cookies". I would go so far as to call them stank-ass-bitch cookies. There was just no reason for their rude behavior. They created another task in just dealing with themselves.  

  8. # Blogger cj

    wow. i think roy might be spot-on.
    imagine weaslee-saun trying to sweet talk his way with the firefighter-firecracker. kiss her and hold her face with 2 hands? dont think so. She would have none of that.

    and that would mean Lee would be driving home to west hempstead in in a brand new hardtop g6 pontiac soltice with matisyahu playing in the background!!  

  9. # Anonymous BigE

    I give up. No reasoning with you two. Last word from BigE: Bottom line is that Lee sucked and was lucky that those women were as nice to him as they were. I would never have let that sh*t fly if he was working for me. Never!!) MM, did I misspell anything in this post? Anything else you'd like to correct?  

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