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NEW: Website Review: Anah-Li

After many, many, many request from my dedicated fans for a website review-section, i am happy to announce this new feature: Every week (err, month) or so i will be reviewing a upandcoming website, in one of the hottest current technology arenas. This week, i present, Wedding Invitations.

Site Name: Anah-Li
Around Since: 2006
Niche: High-end Hand-made Wedding Invitations (in both Hebrew & English)
Audience: Young/Hip Jet-setting couple who wants the best
Price-per-invite: $2.50 - $12.00
Score: 8.5/10
Additional-Notes: If that scraggle-dove/pigeon on the bottom-right of the site bothers you enough to prevent you from buying anything from this start-up, i don't blame you. (it is, apparently, a hummingbird. Whatever. I hate pigeons.) However, if you stick around long enough to browse the site, you will find stunning examples of what hand-made weddings invitations should look like. [Obviously, the artist has done a great job of turning his/her life of solitude into a legitimate service, an example for all of us.] Ribbons, Lace, Cinnamon-sticks. There is no luxury craft item missing from the designs. A must for those of us getting married or birthdayed.


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2 Responses to “NEW: Website Review: Anah-Li”

  1. # Anonymous tairee

    Thank you for the review. I am honored. At least you didn't call my hummingbird a pigeon.  

  2. # Anonymous Dave

    Please review these pages:  

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