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Does Beirut Remind Anyone Else of Amelie Soundtrack?

11 Responses to “Does Beirut Remind Anyone Else of Amelie Soundtrack?”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    ouais! j'adore Beirut:)  

  2. # Anonymous iLiKEDECEMBERS

    Do you know how I found this page?
    After listening to the soundtrack i googled "beirut amelie"...
    The similarity is obvious!  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    absolutely. same as above, i was certain it was the same song. perhaps its just the combination of horn and accordion...  

  4. # Blogger Mezoa

    hahaha! I did the exact same thing as above. XD  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Yep! I also just googled "beirut amelie" Haha x  

  6. # Blogger GoGo

    I looked up, if there was any songs from Beirut in Amelie,  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Me too! I thought i was the only one :)  

  8. # Blogger sidsrevolution

    Any clue what the car is on the album is?  

  9. # Anonymous Anonymous

    After I seen this page I started searching for Beirut and download some music...they're pretty amazings :D  

  10. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Same here. The beginning of the song has the same chords as a song on the Amelie soundtrack.  

  11. # Anonymous Anonymous

    They cover songs (re-record the music and composition) from the Amelie soudtrack, but as far asi can tell it is not a digital sampling.  

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