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My Hills Rating System

Gurls, in order of likeness
1) Whitney. Tall and dumb. Makes funny eye-faces.
2) Audrina. Brunette. But huge teeth/ears that could take over her entire face if allowed. Being used by JB(b3)
3) LC. Hooking with brody is low, considering he has glove.
4) LO. Eyes too close together. Seems dumb.
5) Hidey. Conniving, and plastic surgery, nuff said.
6) Jennbunny. Plastic surgery, and rat-ty.
1) Brody. Tall and rich. Doesn’t talk smack about another people. Allegedly.
2) Frankie. Kissed lo, surprisingly.
3) Justinbobby. Johny Depp meets Eddie Vedar meets a burette-salesman. Wears capri pants.
4) Spencer. Looks like Roy Batty (bleach-blond supervillian), with more teeth. S*x tape (alleged). Nuff said.

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2 Responses to “My Hills Rating System”

  1. # Blogger Roy

    thought you should know that Jen Bunny is my brother-in-law's first cousin. Don't believe me? Ask 'lil...  

  2. # Anonymous BigE

    How did we NEVER know this??  

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