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Best Present for a Husband to give his Wife?

Though no longer in the running for husband-of-the-year, I still try and buy the perfect gift for my WAG, no matter the occasions.

A technique I have employed recently is to buy her a gift that, even if she doesn't love it, I, perchance, might still enjoy. This way- even if she hates it- you can still make use of it. Sometimes this is moderately successful (iMac), sometimes it fails (The Look Book), and sometimes its met with a weird, half-smiling/half-grimacing, mixed reaction (Nimrod Nation T-Shirts).

However, based on the success of the 5Wii New Year's Party, I am thinking the Nintendo Wii *might* be a success...

more to come

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2 Responses to “Best Present for a Husband to give his Wife?”

  1. # Anonymous WAG

    So you admit it...  

  2. # Blogger BL


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