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Yummy Squirrel

Yummy Squirrel, originally uploaded by luzer.

I was walking around the UWS yesterday with my brand new (2nd-hand) Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 ED Tele Lens weighing down on my shoulder strap/neck, wondering why i bothered carrying this monster of a lens around with me; when, suddenly saw a crowd gathering near the Museum Natural History.

Knowing NYers care not for (human) celebrities, I was surprise to see a hawk devouring a squirrel. Some viewers guessed it was Pale Male. I am not convinced (we saw another one later in the park).

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  1. # Blogger Ben C.

    Nice image! This is not Pale Male. This bird was born this past summer and is not yet a 1 year old. You can tell by the brown banded tail. Adults will have a brick red coloring in the tail.  

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