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Viva-La ... Phillip Clapp??

i recieved this piece of Reality-Show gossip today, from one of my most reliable sources:

According to my sister's LA In Touch friend...

"Jessica Simpson and Johnny Knoxville are going public. Johnny is leaving his wife, Simpson is filing for divorce - they are shopping the exclusive story to the weeklies under Joe Simpson's direction.

My PR instinct tells me the news will break in next week's weeklies to fuel some fire before the July 28th Dukes of Hazzard premiere."

In Hollywood nothing is sacred - they are all bastards - believe it people.

makes me so sad...

2 Responses to “Viva-La ... Phillip Clapp??”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    This and Demi and Ashton post are best proofs for my latest realization. I've noticed that the only celebrity couple in the UK is posh spice and David Beckam. No variety in their tabloids I'm sure.  

  2. # Anonymous tairee

    Puh-lease...Jessica and Nick are the real thing! I mean have you seen their show?
    Don't hate on Nick and Jess.

    I'm still waiting on Laguna Beach evidence!  

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