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Simchat Torah Fisticuffs in Williamsburg (with hat-bags!!!)

From the NYDN (and here)

Police cuffed 26 Satmar Hasidim and charged them with burglary and criminal mischief after they entered a Williamsburg synagogue office, officials said yesterday.

The intrusion appeared to be part of a continuing dispute between factions supporting two sons of Satmar Grand Rabbi Moses Teitelbaum for leadership of the community.

The arrests at 9:49 p.m. Tuesday came on the Jewish Holiday of Simchat Torah, which began at sundown Tuesday.[...]

They also charged private guards brought guard dogs into the synagogue.

"To bring a dog in a synagogue is unbelievable," said Abe Klein, 29, a follower of Aaron. "That's like a real, real, real bad thing - like you're bringing a dog on God."

so now 3 more reasons to send my kids to Heschel:
  • poor fashion taste (hat-bags)
  • fighting in shul
  • poor vocabulary

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  3. # Blogger roy

    ...yeah real, real, real poor vocabulary.  

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