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Well, it's hard to believe the time has come already... I am getting married... Yeah!

I want to take this time to thank anyone & everyone who has helped me get to where I am... You know who you are.

I find it funny how everyone says "Are you nervous?" (And, now that I think of it, its mostly women who ask me that.) Do people find the institution of marriage *so* far-fetched and ridiculous that one _would_ be nervous when entering into it? Or is it because so many overweight men have performance anxiety on their wedding nights? Or maybe because we are bombarded with the harsh reality of the divorce rate in the United States(, which, last I heard, was at 90% [ed. This is one of the most exaggerated stats oft-quoted],) that we have become so skeptical???

Whatever. See you in a week.

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

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  2. # Anonymous Big E

    Or, "Are you excited?" Of course I'm excited. I am getting married to the mittelmite I love. Wouldn't it be horrible if you asked someone if they were excited and they answered "no"?

    Big E  

  3. # Blogger cj

    hey - the infamous BigE!

    i can't believe she found time to post on my tiny corner of the cyberverse.

    well- i can pretend to be anxious - lookng fwd to spending a lifetime getting to know this wonderful gurl/women.

    i think i am walking down to "hava nageilah".


  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Wuv.....twooo Wuv......Love it :)

    I told you I'd post. Congrats again - sorry I cant be there!


  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    t minus 12 hours and counting  

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