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The Sarah Silverman Programme

This summer, skip the big, brainless box-office blockbusters and hop - in a very queer way - on over to Comedy Central.

The funny "ha ha" net just announced that the funomally talented Sarah Silverman has signed a deal with the cabler and is set to grace our televisions with her own Curb Your Enthusiasm-like show,

The Sarah Silverman Programme will follow Silverman, playing a character named "Sarah Silverman", as she tries to get through the day, which plays out through a series of scripted scenes and songs, much like her hit concert film, Jesus Is Magic.

In the pilot, for instance, a trip to the store for batteries for her TV's remote leads Silverman to disrupt a wheelchair marathon, induce a flashback in a Vietnam veteran and talk to God.

"Sarah is a tremendous talent and we look forward to bringing her unique outlook and titillating point of view to our viewers through this incredible series," says Lauren Corrao, head of original programming for Comedy Central.

Adds Silverman: "I am a tremendous talent and Comedy Central is looking forward to bringing my unique outlook and titillating pint of view to their viewers through this incredible series."

2 Responses to “The Sarah Silverman Programme”

  1. # Anonymous BigE

    I am like SS in that 1) I have dark hair 2)my boyf/husband is funny 3) was also on comedy central.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    i am like larry david cause i am hook-nosed.  

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