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Grave / Cross in CR

Grave / Cross in CR, originally uploaded by luzer.

I thought this picture wasn't bad...

However, it was given a quick 10 "delete tags"

7 Responses to “Grave / Cross in CR”

  1. # Blogger roy

    Yeah, I'm not too big a fan of crosses. It reminds me too much of that hezuse guy. A shtickle morbid, no? I mean, the fresh flowers freshen up the shot but come on.. Maybe if you'd photoshop in a rainbow or a leprechaun, or something, that would be cool.  

  2. # Anonymous BigE

    Maybe I'm a little morbid, but I thought the wreath on top of the cross was pretty. Definitely a little goth, but haunting. I would give it a "keep."  

  3. # Blogger cj

    i am going to have to agree with bigE on this one- no offense.

    it was b/c of her encouragement that i persued digi photography..  

  4. # Blogger SINGERZ

    Roy has it right. Cause Roy's the man. Love you Roy. Hope that ankle gets better soon!  

  5. # Blogger cj

    ROY asked people to infiltrate the blog and post pro-royi comments?

    i am still waiting for the article noting the trend of the growing nike shorts...  

  6. # Blogger roy

    I'm on it! I might also make mention of the leggings that ballers (namely Kobe) have been wearing. Those leggings seem right up my alley so I'll do a write up indicating where they can be purchased. I imagine they work wonders on the war against chafing...  

  7. # Blogger cj

    i think that was done already.

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