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CJ-kipidea - Brune / Brunne

We are all very familiar with, and, indeed, cherish the genetic superiority of brunettes vs. blondes (intelligence, humor, s*x-appeal, wit, athleticism, etc - think Angelina vs. Jennifer).

But what of their often overlooked, dark-haired male-counterpart- the Brunne? He, too, shares many of the same qualities with his female counterpart. I mean, as a girl, who[m] would you rather bring home to mom- Owen or Luke? Carson or Jai? Nicole or DJ-AM? Eric or Ari? Wes or Danny? Steven or John? (right-both!) The answers are clear because the questions are rhetorical.

Don't get me wrong, we have our share of bad apples that found their way in. Tom Cruise comes to mind. That's all I can think of right now.

Sadly, the other online encyclopedia beat me to the punch on this one:

Only the feminine form has become part of English: brunet (with a silent t) would theoretically refer to a dark-haired boy or man but is virtually never used in practice, nor in French, although "Brunet" is a common surname. A boy or man is often referred to as dark-haired, rather than as a brunet.
I ask you, then, my faithful reader(s), to, please, please, bring this term into the English lexicon where it can find a warm couch to crash on. Do it for all the dark-haired men out there that cringe when they see a Mimbo. Or a Norwegian. Or a bald guy that says he *had* brown hair.

Do it for me.

Thank you,
CJ the Brunne

5 Responses to “CJ-kipidea - Brune / Brunne”

  1. # Anonymous BigE

    Brunes are the only way to go!!
    Love, E The "Brunette"
    (pronounced Brun-ai, proper French pronunciation)  

  2. # Anonymous BIGE


  3. # Blogger cj


  4. # Blogger roy

    yeah, I thought it was pronounced brun-ay, but I didn't want to take away from the substance of the issue at hand.  

  5. # Blogger cj


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