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The Human Fund - Money for People.

Hey Seinfeld fans!
Get your one-of-a-kind Support bands made popular by the great Lance Armstrong.

These rare support bands make reference to "The Human Fund", whichwas George's X-Mas gift to co-workers in the classic "Festivous"episode...

The bands read:
The Human Fund - Money for People.
The bands come in you choice of Green or Pink.

You also get a NOVELTY Donation Card that reads:

Dear _______,

A donation has been made in your name. Please accept these support bands on behalf of The Human Fund.

These bands make great gag-gifts for anyone who is a Seinfeld fan.
Be creative, be funny and be the hit of the party!!!

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2 Responses to “The Human Fund - Money for People. ”

  1. # Blogger roy


  2. # Anonymous bige

    I would love to order a bilion dollars worth of buddy bands.  

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