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My 3rd Photo Was Recently Published!!

Quick post (this even takes precedence over my upcoming WAB post):
I recently had a huge opportunity to do a commercial/editorial shoot for the prestigious American Jewish Life magazine. The subject was Don "Moses" Lerman (yes- THAT DM, the self-proclaimed fastest hands in competitive eating)- an almost-past-his-prime Jewish competitive eater. Meeting him was a real joy, as you must imagine. I submitted 4 final shots to the editor, and he choose this one (below).

You can read the article online, or in print.
AJL Article

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5 Responses to “My 3rd Photo Was Recently Published!!”

  1. # Blogger Daniel

    sweeeeet dude congrats! go post a screen shot on your flickr account.  

  2. # Anonymous bige


  3. # Blogger Terry

    what happened to the matzah balls? Congrats!  

  4. # Blogger Elana

    Is that dude single?  

  5. # Blogger cj

    who is asking  

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