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Does reading in low light hurt your eyes? YES!!!!!


When your eyes are working this hard for a long period of time, the strain may cause a number of physical effects. Symptoms of eye strain include sore eyeballs, headaches, back and neck aches, drooping eyelids and blurred vision. Because you often don't blink enough when focusing on a single object, you may also experience uncomfortable dryness in your eyes. None of this damages your eyes, and all of it eventually goes away after you stop straining them. Many eye doctors leave it at that, but some note that eye strain may contribute to nearsightedness. Most people who are nearsighted were born that way, but there is evidence that prolonged eye strain can make it worse.

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    From "Debunking the Top Seven Medical Myths"

    5. Reading in dim light ruins your eyesight
    The idea that dim light ruins eyesight probably has its origins in eye strain, said the study authors. Bad lighting makes it hard to focus, makes you blink less and leads to dry eyes, particularly if you're squinting. So reading in dim light is uncomfortable, but it doesn't cause permanent damage.  

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