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ProKadmia CP Challenge: New Record: 132 (on-grass)

This weekend myself and YU-Lefty scored an (unofficial) 132 at the 2005 ProKadima / Central Park Challenge, sponsored by Tairee Catering.

This beat the previous on-grass score of ... 34 (sic!), and my personal (on-sand) best of 88.

Not too shabby for a bunch of SSSB-graduates...

UPDATE: Fatty & Lefty claim to have scored 131 on asphalt... not yet confirmed.

16 Responses to “ProKadmia CP Challenge: New Record: 132 (on-grass)”

  1. # Blogger Kadima, Pro

    Grass, are you kidding me! Grass??? Thats like playing water polo in the desert. This score (sic) means nothing. Trust me, if anyone knows, it's me.  

  2. # Anonymous kadima_spectator

    I was there really happened. Seriously, the shit was crazy-I have never seen anything like it. It was a regulation court too (4' x 15').

    CJ, you and your YU-Lefty partner must be really tight to get 132. Tighter than you could ever be with this self-proclaimed "kadima, pro".  

  3. # Anonymous tairee

    you know what they say about a man and his kadima number...

    YU_Lefty sounds HOT!  

  4. # Blogger cj

    both of you anonymous posters make strong points...

    lets have the public decide:

    which score is better- faithful readers?
    a) 88 straight, on sand, 1ba (1-bounce-allowed), 15'x4' regulation court, 10-15 mph winds, BIO's (briefs-only-israelis) ...


    b) 132 sraight, on grass, 1ba (1-bounce-allowed), 10'x4' wprokadmina-regulation court, 0-5 mph winds, clear day...

    i will tally the votes.  

  5. # Blogger roy

    Taking everything into consideration I'd say 132 straight gets more respect. Afterall, the stamina required for more returns is the real issue.

    I've been known to swing a paddle around in my day (athletically speaking), and if I may be so forward as to say I can keep a voly a going like energizer on a bunny (sorry for the weak simily).
    I also floss board-shorts as opposed to BIOs or BOIs despite my my Tel-Aviv birth-city.

    BTW - why snow = rat. I know why JA is...  

  6. # Blogger Kadima, Pro

    YU_Lefty sounds fat. I think if he tried to play on sand, he would simply sink into it.  

  7. # Blogger cj

    -Snow is a rat cause its in his nature. There is no "why" when it comes to rat-i-ness... so it seems.  

  8. # Anonymous Eli Nafisi

    kadima, pro seems right about everything. I don't know this snow character, but i don't like him one bit. i bet he can't even get 10 KPs (Kadima Points)  

  9. # Anonymous eli nafisi

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  

  10. # Blogger cj

    1) who is UWS_Fatty?
    2) i want to see proof of this alleged 212! was there a KP Representative present? didn't think so...  

  11. # Anonymous eli nafisi

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  

  12. # Blogger cj

    i dont think plumposity is a word.
    maybe you meant pomposity?  

  13. # Blogger cj

    new post?  

  14. # Blogger roy

    I like plumtuous.  

  15. # Anonymous Anonymous

    My nephew and I were on the beach in Montauk today and did the Pro Kadima 400+ times. It is so easy, we were bored..132??? you must be kidding..  

  16. # Blogger C.J.

    yeah. you were probably not using a regulation court/distance  

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