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BOOK REVIEW: My Friend Leonard, by James Frey

4 Stars (****) James Frey picks up right where he left off from his NYT Bestseller, A Million Little Pieces, and shows us no intentions of slowing down. While MLP focuses on the author's life in a drug and alcohol rehab center, MFL shows us the difficulties of starting anew. Frey's writing style is bold and unpretentious, without a doubt the fillet of the genre. Often compared to Hemingway, he mocks his critics and disses the giants of our decade, all while attracting a huge [middle-aged and female] fan-base.

NOTE: I always saw Lilly as being played (in the upcomging movie) by Helena Bonham Carter, despite their huge [ED: 19-year] difference in age.

NOTE 2: This is what he says about DE and JSF:

The big noise began with a now-famous New York Observer interview, two full months before the book's release, in which the 33-year-old Frey wasted no time sawing off the legs of his rivals. "I don't give a fuck what Jonathan Safran whatever-his-name does or what David Foster Wallace does. I don't give a fuck what any of those people do. I don't hang out with them, I'm not friends with them, I'm not part of the literati." Don't even get him started on Dave Eggers. "A book that I thought was mediocre was being hailed as the best book written by the best writer of my generation. Fuck that. And fuck him and fuck anybody who says that. I don't give a fuck what they think about me. I'm going to try to write the best book of my generation and I'm going to try to be the best writer."
NOTE 3: here is the Oprah interview.

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    There have been rumors over the internet that mittelmite might be going defunct. Please, please, please tell me that there is no truth to these ugly rumors and that ppl will be able to enjoy the seemless blend of pop culture and technology forever.
    Also, it is the filet of blogs.
    L, Big E  

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    name another blog where the links themselves are informative and witty???

    give up? there is none!

    MM 4-ever!  

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    I'm so happy about MM 4-ever!

    I missed my "say it isn't so" window, but this woohoo, celebratory post feels just as good.

    All that talk about filets gave has made me hungry. Peace.  

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    Should I leave you 3 alone?  

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    rude!!! but anonymous... so no way to know who sent it...

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