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UPDATE: Laguna Beach, It Is Real...Kinda, Sorta...

From eonline, a new fact-finding mission concerning how much reality goes into LB:

It Is Real...Kinda, Sorta: This "dramality" is real in the sense that the these are actual high school students and what we see is actually happening in their lives. What's not so real, according to show insiders, is how, where and when these things go down. Believe it or not, the castmembers only "work" Thursday through Sunday (How do I get on this show?), so important "scenes" are often delayed and then set up by producers to make sure they're caught on film.

A few key examples: The now infamous bonfire scene where Jessica first sees Alex M. and Jason together was completely orchestrated by producers. Before the bonfire, the crew spent hours lighting the beach and the mountains in the background before the kids were allowed to interact with each other. When Jason finally arrived, they told him how to enter the scene and where to go. Similarly, the big confrontation in Cabo between Jessica and Alex M. was specifically planned for that night. Producers saw the situation and knew Alex M. would confront Jessica, so they instructed her not to go off on her "man-stealing slut"/calling-the-kettle-black tirade until the cameras were ready.
Of course, there is a recent article in Rolling Stone (thanks Littl' T), as well as this blog which all imply the same...

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