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MISC: Activities this Past Weekend

Activities participated in this past weekend (in sequential order)

  • installed floating shelf
  • saw Gregor Samsa in concert. Words can't describe how "innovative" this post-rock rock(?) band's performance truly was. I didn't even know what post-rock was. There were scotch tape and keyboards involved.
  • realized Hellogoodbye is coming to NYC.
  • visited CP's Conservatory Gardens (picture on the right is from The English Garden's Burnett Fountain depicting Dickon and Mary from the book "The Secret Garden". Sick.)
  • watched Kinsey (1 out of 4 Stars- Peter Sarsgaard's nude scene has something to do with that rating)
  • watched CYE S5E8 - considered by many the best episode of Season 5, and, the top 5 of all time. Not sure if I agree with that, but still good overall (at least better than the rest of season 5). As expected of TV, the episode was filled with negative and inaccurate depictions of orthodox Jews. e.g.
    • Single orthodox-Jewish women do not cover their hair (even according to Maimonides- it would only be a hair-braid- not a full-on snood).
    • Most hair-covered women would not wear pants (sorry Danni).
    • The idea of burying a porcelain plate in the ground after being used for milk & meat has no source [that I am aware of- please inform].
    • Orthodox Jews don't all button the top buttons of their shirts [in the deli].
    • Orthodox Jews don't phlegm when they speak.

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  1. # Blogger cj

    i also wanted to thank all our visitors for visiting the site.

    i recently installed google analytics, and was happy to see so many people coming in..

    please post!!!  

  2. # Blogger roy

    Any opinion on the XBox 360? Why did they only supply 2 million in the US. On Ebay, people are paying thousands so they can give it to their spoiled brat for the holidays. Is this systm worth getting? Also, I understand there are 2 models. Any insight?  

  3. # Blogger cj

    Good question;

    if anything, i feel M$oft's decision to limit supply in the US was genius:

    When they announced the specs, there was some negative press regarding the graphics power of the 360. The head of Sony Japan dubbed the 360 - the XBox 1.5 - mocking the computing power. Realize, of course, that the Xbox original has vastly undersold the Playstation 2 worldwide, although it has always been strong in the US.

    MSoft shifted the focus of the 360 to the "online experience", and the Media Center capabilities. Something i use in the current XBOX (with an extender), and consider a strong product. (this allows you to watch TV, DVDs, MP3s, etc on your xbox).

    What has happened is expected: They got the product out in time for holiday season 2005, and limited supply enough to create a frenzy. the playstation 3 wont be out until 3Q 2006. (incedently, i think most of the people that purchased the xbox this week were enthusiasts, not parents getting one for their kids).

    Lastly, what i am looking forward to is the hacking /mods available for the 360. The original XBOX had many ways to access the true potential of the hardware, i hope the same is true for this one.

    related links

    1) CNN has a good article describing how some units went for $3,000+. amazing.

    2) below is a list of the different version available. imho, the core system is not worth anything, as it doesnt come with a HDD.

    3) Good article showing how to take apart the xbox 360.

    Quick Summary
    Xbox 360 pre-orders working at:
    Sold out
    EBGames Pre-Orders
    Ultimate Bundle $699.92
    Core Bundle $599.93

    Sold out
    GameStop Pre-Orders
    4 different bundles from $700-1200, check website for details.
    addition: They have the Omega bundle for $2000. Seriously now, is anyone going to buy this?

    Sold out
    Walmart Pre-Orders
    3 different bundles $579-$719, allow for choosing games.
    Direct link to customized bundle, allows to choose 3 games starts at $689 (working as of 8:24pm eastern time 9/19)

    Sold out
    Toys "R" Us via Bundles:
    Ultimate Teen Bundle
    Ultimate Mature Bundle
    Core Teen Bundle
    Core Mature Bundle

    Sold out
    Costco bundle:
    $520 worth of bundle for $480 + generous return policy
    Sold out (online at least)

    Sold out
    Ritz Camera: Due to an overwhelming demand,
    this product is no longer available.
    Core System - $350
    Platinum System - $420

    Some available accessories at CC:
    -wireless controller $42.49
    -wired controller $33.99
    -play and charge kit $16.99
    -hard drive $84.99
    -360 wireless adapter $84.99
    -memory card $33.99
    -remote $25.49
    -1 year Live Gold $59.49 (doesn't say in contains headset but the savings suggests it does)
    (thx to :SHADYnky)

    Best Buy stores getting > 100 units
    200/66 - store 498 266 - Bellevue, WA - midnight launch
    176/58 - store 104 234 - Hawthorne, CA - midnight launch
    170/56 - store 557 226 - Miami, FL - midnight launch
    146/48 - store 146 194 - Sterling, VA - midnight launch
    144/48 - store 120 192 - Santa Rosa, CA - midnight launch
    138/46 - store 311 184 - Ford City (Burbank), IL - midnight launch
    134/44 - store 164 178 - Lone Tree, CO - midnight launch
    134/44 - store 281 178 - Richfield, MN - midnight launch
    132/44 - store 291 178 - Houston (Galleria), TX - midnight launch
    128/42 - store 516 170 - Alpharetta, GA - midnight launch
    126/42 - store 202 168 - Plano, TX - midnight launch
    126/40 - store 1028 166 - Midtown Manhattan, NY - midnight launch
    104/34 - store 119 138 - Costa Mesa, CA
    100/32 - store 107 132 - Torrance, CA
    98/32 - store 482 130 - Chelsea, NY
    92/30 - store 558 122 - Aventura, FL
    90/30 - store 127 120 - Lakewood, CA
    86/28 - store 552 114 - W Kendall (Miami), FL
    84/28 - store 125 112 - Pasadena, CA
    84/28 - store 554 112 - Boca Raton, FL
    82/28 - store 137 110 - Burbank, CA
    82/28 - store 551 110 - Sawgrass (Plantation), FL
    82/26 - store 188 108 - Chula Vista, CA
    80/26 - store 183 106 - Atwater Village, CA
    80/26 - store 454 106 - Westbury, NY
    80/26 - store 468 106 - W Patterson, NJ
    80/26 - store 556 106 - Cutler Ridge (Miami), FL
    78/24 - store 109 102 - W LA, CA
    76/24 - store 116 100 - Woodland Hills, CA
    76/24 - store 117 100 - Cerritos, CA
    76/24 - store 130 100 - Porter Ranch (Northridge), CA

    thanks to cocacolakid, joey791 and thaita78 for providing updated data for this list

    XBOX 360 taken apart.

    post your xbox live gamertag

    Toysrus XBOX 360 virtual catalog  

  4. # Blogger roy

    Thanks MM!

    BTW - I don't think Orthodox Jews will know about CYE episode and if they do know about it, they won't be able to join any online forums or chat online about it due to the recent ban in Lakewood - I know I'm about to pull my plug!!!  

  5. # Anonymous Big E

    I am not sure about xbox, but I like the new navy background. Makes the blog more inviting. (Also, although funny, it was unrealistic that the Orthodox Jewish character would get a breast augmentation.)
    L, Big E  

  6. # Blogger roy

    Indeed... The navy background really flatters the the fonts.  

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