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The Apprentice Season 5 - Includes Another Jew(ish Person)?

Didn't we learn anything from annoying stern-y Stacey Rotner? Apparently not. My sources have informed me that Season 5 (which just completed shooting) of this milked-for-all-its-got series includes Daniel, aka Dan (#12), a modern- orthododx entrepaneur. It seems there were some issues with his performing of tasks on the High-Holy days.

From JJ:
The Apprentice 5 airs in its new Monday timeslot @ 9/8c on NBC opposite 24. Daughter (ex-model and Wharton grad) Ivanka Trump and son Donald Trump Jr. will be joining The Donald in the boardroom this season (when either George or Carolyn is "on business"). Donald Trump's first impressions of the cast... "Allie is brilliant, very energentic, a great television character. Charmaine is an unbelievable presenter. Lenny is a totally killer, but with a heart. Tarek is a member of Mensa, a very attractive guy and very different. Andrea skipped college and made millions of dollars." Here are the candidates --

1 -- ANDREA A self-made multimillionaire, the 31-year-old owns five companies, including an online wedding-planning service.
2 -- SUMMER The 30-year-old Californian worked her way up from minimum-wage jobs to owning her own eatery.
3 -- THERESA The 36-year-old psychotherapist also heads a real-estate design and development firm.
4 -- PEPI The first Hispanic to be Florida college student of the year, the attorney, 25, devotes a lot of his time to such charitable efforts as Habitat for Humanity.
5 -- BRENT Originally from Toronto, the 30-year-old newlywed is an attorney who works in the insur­ance industry.
6 -- BRYCE Four years ago, at age 24, he cofounded his own high-end residential building company.
7 -- TAREK The Mensa member grew up in a housing project and won a scholarship to an elite prep school. Now 27, he's a marketing man­ager at a Fortune 500 company.
8 --STACY A former reporter, she traded in her press card for a law degree and, at 38, is now a New York City public defender.
9 -- LEE This year's youngest candidate at 22, the Cornell University graduate devises business strategies for both large companies and government agencies.
10 -- ALLIE She may have been a Florida Gators cheerleader, but the 30-year-old is also a summa cum laude grad with a Harvard MBA.
11 -- LESLIE A former champion swimmer and college volleyball and tennis player, she's now a 28-year-old real-estate agent involved in multimillion-dollar deals.
12 -- DAN Among the companies founded by this 31-year-old entrepreneur: a wholesale bakery, a hat manufacturer and a brand of activewear.
13 -- CHARMAINE Raised in a small town in Kentucky, this 27-year-old is an area manager for a real-estate warranty firm in Nashville.
14 -- LENNY In the 13 years since he left Uzbekistan, the Soviet Army vet, 37, has gone from janitor to restaurateur to stockbroker, and now runs a medical trading company.
15 -- TAMMY A vice president at a major investment firm, Tammy, 33, is also founder and CEO of a company that designs stylish briefcases for women.
16 -- MICHAEL He earns his living as a mergers and acquisitions consul­tant, but the Chicagoan, 29, gets his thrills from snowboarding and motorcycling.
17 -- SEAN Born and raised in London, the Miami-based 33-year-old is the top-ranking salesperson at his recruitment consulting firm and the recent recipient of a U.S. green card for "persons of extraordinary ability."
18 -- ROXANNE Inspired by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, she clerked for Texas Supreme Court justices before becoming an appellate attorney. Now 26, she moonlights as a Jazzercise instructor in Austin.

UPDATE: Daniel B has referenced MM here . He also has beautiful blue eyes, apparently.

4 Responses to “The Apprentice Season 5 - Includes Another Jew(ish Person)?”

  1. # Blogger roy

    Thanks for the breakdown, buddy. It looks like a pretty decent cast. I've got my money on Kwame-the-third...  

  2. # Anonymous BigE

    That show is sooo over. Can't they think outside the box a little and get original contestants, instead of the usual types. I'm sick of the many omarosa's in the world.  

  3. # Anonymous Shuey

    Lee is also religous. On his audition tape, which can be seen on Yahoo, he is wearing a yarmulke.  

  4. # Blogger cj

    how do you know that??? do you have a link to this alleged post?  

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