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Scene on the Street Episode 1: Kerri Russell

This is the first of a new weekly series on MM, Scene on the Street (sic), with bigE. It will (try to) chronicle the many NYC-based celebrities we run into in the course of our party-filled/glamorous week.

Who: Kerri Russell
IKnowHerFrom: Felecity, breaking good-guys heart/cutting her hair
Where: West Village Florist ( map )
When: Sunday, afternoon
Overheard: "Yes- I was going to put on a jacket, but it was so pleasant out."
Height: Shorter than looks on TV. 5' 4"- 5'5"
Face: Pretty
Fashion Notes: Besides hair that looked cracked-out frizzy-- not bad.
Polite/Rude: Very polite in person (happy to say).

Stay tuned for more....

3 Responses to “Scene on the Street Episode 1: Kerri Russell”

  1. # Blogger roy

    did you take any pictures?  

  2. # Anonymous BigE

    No pics-- I like the idea of respecting (some) privacy of celebrities. That, and it was the only Sunday that we decided not to bring Nikon with us. I like this new feature, especially the format.  

  3. # Blogger roy

    Yes, I know what you mean.

    Format: Pretty  

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