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Larry David at Lakers/Suns Game 6

Yes, I know, the Lakers lost. Kobe had 50. And, like the old days, his boys let him down in crunch-time (Smush, Smush, Smush, & defense).

However, a well-trained eye would have noticed Larry David and his good-friend, the black-clothes-only Richard Lewis, in the audience last night (in separate seats-though). Larry seemed to be sitting (alone) to the right of the visiting Suns' bench, touching knees with the injured Kurt Thomas, hardly one the best seats in the house. An SI blogger quasi-interviewed him before the game:

During warmups, I grabbed a courtside seat next to arguably the funniest man on the planet, Larry David, who was enjoying a chicken sandwich as he watched Steve Nash practice free throws. "This is still a Lakers town," said David. "I actually go to both Lakers and Clippers games, but the Lakers crowd seems to get a little more excited." As he was greeted by Kevin Dillon, I asked the Curb Your Enthusiasm star if the Lakers were still the hottest ticket in town. "Probably," he said. "If you don't know anything about basketball and want to be seen, you'll go to a Lakers game."

As I sat next to David in a seat that would be worth over $2,000 if I continued to sit in it for another 20 minutes, I took a look at a menu given to me by the in-seat dining waitress. Acting as if I belonged, I asked what was good and she recommended the sushi plate and the margarita, which would have cost me $30. I was going to say that's a pricey meal, but the absurdity of complaining about a $30 tab while sitting in a $2,300 seat quickly hit me. So instead, I went the Stoudemire rout and got some McDonald's from the Staples concourse instead.
In related LD/CYE news:
  • HBO is re-running all CYEs from Season 1, Episode 1, starting this week.
  • It seems like series is over. Season 5 was the weakest of the bunch, and show 50 was titled"The End."
  • LD has a myspace account??? Is this real?
  • List of LD appearances on Seinfeld - for fun:
    • (1) He was the VOICE of George Steinbrenner in [The Gum (and all others)]

      (2) He was on the Greenpeace boat. [The Pilot]

      (3) He was Frank Costanza's lawyer in the cape. [The Chinese Woman]

      (4) Asks "Where's my Kosher Meal?" [The Airport]

      (5) Larry David was the voice of Newman (before Wayne Knight) in the
      original broadcast of The Revenge - Wayne Knight's voice was later
      dubbed in for the syndicated run. [The Revenge]

      (6) He is mentioned in the newspaper articles. [The Wizard]
      "Larry David Gets Hole In One"
      "Larry David Hurts Elbow"
      "Larry David Never To Play Golf Again"

      (7) At the table in the Chinese restaurant. [The Chinese Restaurant]

      (8) Yells, "Is anyone here a Marine Biologist?" [The Marine Biologist]

      (9) On television "great green globs..." [The Heart Attack]

      (10) He sells gum at a little hole-in-the-wall newsstand [The Gum ]

      (11) When Kramer has to go to the bathroom, someone inside says "customers
      only' [The Pilot]

      (12) The emcee who introduces Jerry at the comedy club. [The Fire]

      (13) Says hello to Cosmo on the street [The Switch]

      (14) "Everybody out of the Chunnel! Everybody out!" [The Pool Guy]

      (15) Barking dog [The Dog] - perhaps - still being validated)

3 Responses to “Larry David at Lakers/Suns Game 6”

  1. # Anonymous Bige

    And another one that I proudly discovered.

    16) when kramer is suspected of being a serial murderer in LA, the police confront him at his new apt. Behind the police there is a huge crowd of ppl, including the weird old lady, etc, AND Larry D as an extra.  

  2. # Blogger cj

    shoot. bige is correct. full list. although i dont know if Steinbrener counts X 6!?!?

    Episode #-Name Description of David Appearance

    12-The Revenge David supplies the voice for Newman in syndicated reruns [2]:
    [David]: "I'm on the roof!"
    13-The Heart Attack David is the actor in the television movie:
    [David]: "Like flaming globes, Sigmund. Like flaming globes."
    16-The Chinese Restaurant David is a voice at the dinner table where Elaine attempts to "steal" food [3]:
    [David]: "What did she say? Tell me what she said!"
    20-The Pen David is a voice at Morty's honorary dinner [3]:
    [David]: "Hey, Jack, let's get started!" and
    [David]: "Who are you?"
    28-The Alternate Side David is voice of the car thief [3]:
    [Jerry]: "That's my car!"
    [David]: "I didn't know it was yours."
    39-The Parking Space David is the voice of the boxing fight referee [2]:
    [David]: "Seven... Eight... Nine... Ten."
    42-The Trip (2) David is among the crowd at the arrest of Kramer in LA (no lines) [3].
    52-The Airport David is the passenger who forgot he ordered a Kosher meal:
    [David]: "Oh, you know what? I ordered the Kosher meal."
    54-The Movie David is the voice of the king in the movie Checkmate [3,4]:
    [David]: ???
    63-The Pilot (1) David is the voice which refuses Kramer use of a restaurant bathroom:
    [David]: "Sorry, customers only."
    64-The Pilot (2) David is one of the men on the Green Peace raft [2]:
    [David]: "Keep fighting matey! Get your head above the water!"
    70-The Lip Reader David is a TV announcer during the tennis match:
    [David]: "Hey buddy, they got a new invention. It's called a napkin."

    Davis is also the voice which orders Elaine's driver to pick up Tom Hanks:
    [David]: "794 Bleeker the party's Hanks. Tom Hanks."
    74-The Cigar Store Indian David announces the subway stops [3]:
    [David]: "Next stop: Queensboro Plaza."
    78-The Marine Biologist David is voice of man on the beach with a beached whale [2]:
    [David]: "Is anyone here a marine biologist?"
    80-The Stand-In David is off-stage director of soap opera [2]:
    [David]: "Alright you guys get on their spots so we can fix the lights."
    83-The Raincoats (2) David is the announcer of the Seinfelds' flight [3,4]:
    [David]: "Flight 433 now boarding for Miami, Gate 18A. Flight 433 now boarding."
    84-The Fire David is the emcee who introduces Seinfeld at the comedy club:
    [David]: "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Jerry Seinfeld."
    86-The Opposite David is the voice of George Steinbrenner:
    [David]: "Hire this man."
    90-The Chinese Woman David is Frank Costanza's lawyer (the man in the cape):
    Noreen: "Who are you?"
    [David]: "I'm Frank Costanza's lawyer."
    96-The Race David is the voice of George Steinbrenner:
    [David]: "George, the word around the office is that you're a Communist."
    97-The Switch David is the voice which shouts to Kramer in the street:
    [David]: "What do you say, Cosmo?"
    Kramer: "Hey everything my man."
    114-The Wink David is the voice of George Steinbrenner:
    [David]: "You can stop kowtowing to Morgan. Congratulations, you got his job."
    115-The Hot Tub David is the voice of George Steinbrenner:
    [David]: "I've got two words to say to you, George: hot tub."
    118-The Pool Guy David is a voice in the movie Chunnel [2,4]
    [David]: "Everybody out of the Chunnel! Everybody out!"

    David is also a voice in the theatre: [4]
    [David]: "Hey, we're trying to watch a movie here!"
    120-The Gum David is the vendor at the sidewalk window:
    [David]: "I beg your pardon, your majesty, but we don't accept bills with lipstick on the president."
    122-The Caddy David is the voice of George Steinbrenner:
    Wilhelm: "I am very concerned about George Costanza."
    [David]: "How about a 'good morning'?"
    130-The Calzone David is the voice of George Steinbrenner:
    [David]: "And how's this: you're fired. Okay your not. I am just a little hungry."
    132-The Bottle Deposit (2) David is the voice of George Steinbrenner:
    [David]: "With this magnifying glass, I feel like a scientist."
    152-The Nap David is the voice of George Steinbrenner:
    [David]: "George, what's on my mind?... Meatballs! Unbelievable!"
    155-The Muffin Tops David is the voice of George Steinbrenner:
    [David]: "I am blown. Bloooown away..."
    180-The Finale (2) David is one of the prisoners who heckles Seinfeld:
    [David]: "You suck, I'm gonna cut you!"  

  3. # Blogger roy

    I just noticed LD's voice in the comedy club last night (the episode was on Fox). Good catch MM!  

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