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Beastie Boys @ Union Square Transcript

thanks to David MacFadden for transcribing this text
Beastie Boys @ Union Square
Audience: That was fuckin awesome.
[More applause]
Audience: That was fuckin awesome.
[More applause]
Yauch: Is, uh, Michael and Remy here?
A: Yea, right here.
Y: I think that some of the people that worked on the film are here.
Adrock: Anyway, what are we doing, like a Q&A thing?
BB: Shoot, the woman in the balcony.
A: How did you pick the folks that were filming you?
Y: Uh, through the Ethernet cable.
A: Where did you shoot that film at the beginning in Brooklyn? Where?
Rock: What? What's that?
[Audience groans, as the film was obviously should over the Hudson Bay and Manhattan]
Rock: It comes over the Statue of Liberty. I guess it's kinda near Brooklyn.
A: Who came up with the Blowhorn featurette? [silence, presumably because, again the audience member got it wrong - the name's Hornblower] Nathaniel Blowhorn?
Y: Oh, that dude? Uh, I don't know.
[Audience grumbles]
A: Or Hornblower, I'm sorry.
Y: Whatever. Actually, a lot of that, all of the dialogue was pretty much improvised. We came up with the ideas for that the scenes were gonna be, mostly, but then it's all kinda wingin it. We shot that thing in a day and a half.
A: Yo Adrock, how was it being on the stage at Madison Square Garden?
Rock: It was all right.
Rock: It was a dream come true, for real.
A: We loved it.
A: Yea.
Rock: Cause I didn't actually make the cut for the Knicks when I was younger.
A: When's the next show?
B: What?
Y: It's Michael.
Mike D: Michael Rappaport?
Y: No, Michael Boczon [film editing, visual effects].
D: Michael stand up. Take a bow.
B: Ken Anderson, John Silberberg [camera op]…
B: John Wiener [sound editor], all the Think Film people.
A: Did you guys really return all the cameras, give all the cameras back?
[many 'whats' and groans]
B: We did, yes, that is true.
A: When are you playing in New York again?
[Many 'yeas']
A: Tonight!
[Yeas, laughs]
A: When's Quasar playing?
[Much shouting]
Y: Just shut up. Jesus Christ.
A: Let's get a beer!
A: Yea.
B: This is completely unruly. There's supposed to be a moderator here.
Rock: Next question.
A: [heavy accent] When are you coming to Belgium?
D: What are we talking about, Belgium?
Rock: You right there…Couldn't hear you, what was that?
A: How long did all the editing take?
Rock: Oh shit. About a year.
Y: About a year of post, after the concert.
B: Enunciate, in the back row.
B: in the very last row. The lady with the hand up.
A: Hi, I just want to say thank you guys for being so honest [and keeping it real].
A: Adrock, are you still married?
Rock: Yea, I am.
[Question about Mahjong (they each wore t-shirts inscribed with board games at one point during the film)]
B: I do play Mahjong.
A: You got a game going?
B: What's the stakes? Or do you just play for pride? Just for points?
A: What's 'Critter'?
Rock: Critter is a game played with double-12 dominoes.
B: And little critters
Rock: And little critters, cause, you know…
Rock: It's a domino game and you have these little critters that have nothing to do with the game, but you can have a little critter just to have it. [laughs]. You could use, like you could use a penny, or a quarter. You don't have to use a critter. But if you can't play a tile, like on the train or on your own train, then you gotta put your critter up. And then, when that happens, people can play on your train. And that gets nasty. [Laughs] And when there's a double, then you have sex on the train and you blow the whistle. Get raunchy. … okay…
B: The man in the balcony.
[two people speak. confusion]
B: Balcony!
B: What happened?
A: Let's play 2 on 2. Mike D and Adrock.
Rock: You are gonna play just one against two? Or two against two?
A: Right here. Two on two.
Rock: Let's go. [Mike D, I believe, made a quiet comment here about how 'it's a good thing we got a basketball in the van.']
A: Whatsup with Sasquatch?
B: Sasquatch is dead.
A: What's up with the di-vi-deez?
B: Summer…
B: Do you work for Think Films? Is that a plant?
Rep: July 25th.
A: That's my birthday.
B: Well happy birthday, enjoy it when - When the dvd comes out, everyone remember
A: It's Dan's birthday.
B: It's Dan's birthday. So think about that in the summertime.
A: You guys heard the uh Beastles mash-up? You like that? Have you heard that?
Y: Yea, it's funny.
Rock: What is it??
A: It's a bunch of Beatles songs and Beastie Boys songs turned into, you know, their own song. Some of it's pretty good.
Rock: Okay, I'll Google that shit.
B: Did someone say something about a broken camera? What was that?
A: Yea, right here.
B: Okay, thanks for saying that. What'd you say?
A: Shoot your next video in Red Hook.
B: Okay, that's nnot a question.
A: What song do you enjoy doing live most?
B: Uh, what's…
A: …that really stands out…
B: A song? There's a whole lot of them that's just fun to play.
Y: It's mainly cool when Mixmaster Mike just throws in [random songs].
A: Is he here?
Y: Nah, he's out in LA, but
B: I think it's Vegas
Y: Is it? Well, you know. But that's the most interesting thing. Is a lot of times, usually we don't know what beats he's going to throw in.
A: Does it throw you off?
Y: Sometimes, when he throws in Gary Newman.
A: Hey Mike get off the phone.
Rock: Mike, get off the phone, someone said.
D: I'm not on the phone.
A: Are you guys in the studio?
B: You wanna battle us in the studio? What? Yea, we'll be in the studio. We're always in the studio. I don't know what we're doing in the studio, but we're always in there.
A: What happened to your radio show?
B: Good question. Nobody seemed to care.
D: We dropped the ball, but yea, I don't think - It didn't seem like anyone gave a shit.
[no, no…]
A: Who do you like in Hip-Hop today?
Rock: That's a good question. … There's a lot of different very talented artists out there.
A: Who do you like in polka today?
Rock: A lot a big polka artists doing their thing right now.
B: That area is really heating up.
A: Is Country Mike gonna make another album?
B: sighs, he's having a rough time.
A: Will you play "Eggman" next time?
Rock: Okay.
A: When's Quasar playing again?
Rock: Quasar's dead. [audience 'awww's'] Yea, with Sasquatch. They're all dead.
A: What about BS-2000?
Rock: That's dead too. So much death right now. Nah, nah, I don't know. Quasar might happen again. BS-2000 might happen again. Country Mike is not doing well, so…
A: What's in your iPod?
B: Ah, I got a lot of stuff in my iPod. Download a lot of things. Download.
B: Google it.
B: Down-load.
Rock: I got a couple nice movies in my iPod. Proud of that. [Mike looks over] No, Mi- not like the ones with the ladies.
A: What are you guys doing this weekend?
B: Why what's going on? There's a big, uh, house-party over in uh
A: Forest Hills…
B: Right by Puppy City on Avenue Q. [laughs ] Avenue U? Is that where Puppy City is? Yea, well over by there.
B: We gotta break-in wee-wee pads.
A: You guys playing out soon?
B: Yes we do.
B: Is it this weekend?
B: No, it's not this weekend. It's July 22nd.
B: I'm busy this weekend.
A: We love you.
B: That's so weird.
Applause begins to rumble.
B: All right, thank you everybody.

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  1. # Blogger roy

    they didn't seem to answer any of the questions in detail:
    A: "What's your favorite song?"
    BB: "There are a lot of great songs out there."
    A: "What's on your iPod?"
    BB: "I gotta a lot of stuff, and some movies too."
    A: "Who do you like in hip-hop today?"
    BB: "There are a lot talented artists out there today."

    I just don't understand why they can't give any details. Its pretty annoying. BTW - those weren't direct quotes, I abbreviated to give the jist).  

  2. # Blogger cj

    welcome back roe-ee!
    any PSP news?  

  3. # Blogger roy

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  4. # Blogger roy

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