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Photoshoot - Stan Alpert

Stan 3, originally uploaded by luzer™.

[book review to follow]
Shots i took recently of Stan Alpert, author of The Birthday Party: A Memoir of Survival, for an upcoming AJL Issue. These shots are at 5th Ave and 10th St, the location where Stan was kidnapped.

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From Publishers Weekly
In this tartly written memoir recalling his 1998 kidnapping, Alpert, a former assistant U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, describes his abduction and release, and the subsequent trial of the kidnappers, with an impressive amount of detail and only the occasional note of self-congratulation for how he handled the ordeal. On the night before his 38th birthday, Alpert was forced at gunpoint into a car near his Greenwich Village apartment, blindfolded, made to relinquish his ATM and PIN, and driven to Brooklyn, where he was kept in an apartment full of oddly personable, gun-wielding youths and teenage prostitutes. In between violent threats, the criminals solicited legal advice concerning past crimes and offered him pot and sexual favors in honor of his birthday. After 25 hours, they handed their hostage $20 cab money and left him in Prospect Park. Though the second part of the account, detailing the mechanics of the arrests and sentencing of the perpetrators, along with Alpert's return to normalcy, is relatively dry and slow, Alpert delivers an honest, vivid chronicle of the suspenseful event itself in the memoir's first half. (Jan.)
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  1. # Blogger roy

    okay, so you went with the on-location shot. I wish he would have gone with the duct-tape idea. oh well...

    Good shot!  

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