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TOP CHEF: Elia with a wig!

So; i was wrong. I have predicted it would be Ilan who packs his bags. Instead, it was Cliff.
The minds over at AB
are claiming that Elia was full-headed when they attacked Marcel.

I don;t think that was true, and not sure if that supports my claim that they would shave in order to cover up their follies.

Maybe she was wearing a wig (picture over here), or, they shaved her head after, not as a cover up, but just to prove what alcohol can do.

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3 Responses to “TOP CHEF: Elia with a wig!”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    did you see Amuse biatch today? they have an interview with elia in which she admits to having a full head of hair until after they tried to shave marcel's head? thought you might be interested.  

  2. # Blogger C.J.


    according to sam, they shaved their heads before, not after.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    And Marcel also said in his CHOW interview (after the finale was over) that the assault on him came before the head shaving of the others. The Magical Elves switched the timeline for the episode to make the bully gang look better.

    And according to Elia in her CHOW interview, she doesn't drink.  

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