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Top 8 Reasons Kobe Should Get the 2007 NBA MVP

1) He's the best player in the NBA this season. Period. (see 4 x 50+ pt games in a row, best in 50 years)
2) He should have won it last season (see 81 pts in one game, and Martin Scorsese winning later in life, best in 50 years)
3) The only reason he didn't win it 2 seasons ago was because David Stern was trying to clean up the league's image (required suits, silly NBA Cares ads), and didn't want Kobe, coming off some serious sexual-assault allegations, to represent the league.
4) He has the best selling jersey in the US & in China. Better than Yao. The Fans have spoken.
5) Kobe is always named the most difficult player to guard, by other NBA players. (link?)
6) It's an award for the most valuable player. Not the MVPOAGT (MVP on a Great Team). If it were, they should change the plaque on the trophy. I mean, should Kobe truly get punished cause Kwame has hands made of cinder block, while Diaw is a point-center? Or that Mihm, Odom, and Pretty-Boy Walton have been injured most of the season, while Amare is playing the best ball of his life? (not to mention Air-head Rado's latest stupidity)
7) It's an award for the most valuable (i.e. best) player. Not the PWTWSTMIHL (player who's team would suck the most if he left), (as some TNT analysts have claimed). If if were, Lebron should win. Or Eddie Curry?
8) Cause __insert_other_player_here__ doesn't deserve it. Mashburn said so. So did Chris Webber. He was happy to point out,

  • Dirk doesn't play Defense.

  • Nash doesn't play Defense. (see poll)

  • LeBron doesn't "check" Kobe. (play Defense)


To summarize, let the haters hate. But, in the end, who would you rather want on your team in the 4th quarter of a playoff game? On both ends of the court? Exactly. Let you vote count.

ps. nash is a rat

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3 Responses to “Top 8 Reasons Kobe Should Get the 2007 NBA MVP”

  1. # Blogger Bbones

    TOP ONE and only ONE reason why Kobe Bryant should NOT get the 2007 MVP award.

    The award is for the most VALUABLE player. Although Kobe is extremely talented and an absolutely amazing player, his value is mostly to himself and not to his team. Afterall, basketball IS a TEAM sport. Kobe does nothing for his teammates, obviously evident by the team's record and the inability of the other players to excel. He is a ball HOG plain and simple. His style of play steals the thunder from the rest of the team. I don't care how good he is, if he can't play with his team, his value is limited. Only when he learns how to be a team player should he even be considered for the MVP award. Enough said.  

  2. # Anonymous Chris

    When you said Kobe does nothing for his team, what Kobe are you watching? Kobe passes the ball alot and team his is inconsistent, due to the fact that the majority of them missed half or close to half of the season. Before the injuries the Lakers were the #1 offense in the NBA & Kobe was averging almost 6 assist per game. Kobe passes at least 20 or more times per game count them if you doubt my info and his team struggles finishing at the basket. I personally think he passes more than he should w/ the type of inconsistent players on his team. MVP is for most valuable player and which team can lose their star player & still make the playoffs? Everyone team that's in the playoffs except the Lakers. Kobe has been the MVP for the last few years & has gotten robbed from it. You can't punish a man for life for a mistake he made when you constantly covered up or down played all the stuff Jordan did. Steve Nash is only great until it counts, check his playoff history (Dallas,Phoenix  

  3. # Blogger cj

    dang chris. you are right on...

    compare buyachik to barbosa. kwame to amare, etc etc etc.

    kobe has gotten robbed. i dont know why. MJ was arrogant. he demanded the best from his teamates. would get pissed if they didnt perform.

    the difference is MJ has teammates on his team who accepted this roles... as ROLE PLAYERS. defense. rebounding, spot up 3s.

    it seems that Kobe's teammates want to be... scorers? play-makers? i dont get it!!

    maybe getting jason kidd would not have bee a bad idea. or garnett. or a spot-up-shooter?  

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