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Top Chef Spoiler Marcel Gets his Vampire-Hair Shaven / Amuse-Biatch

First, I have to give props to, an amazing website blog devoted to every one's favourite, the most ridiculous, corporate-product-placement-up-the-wazoo show ever, Top Chef. Even if the site would s*cks, it still wouldn't matter. The name itself rocks sufficiently.

Next, for my big Top-chef-Kenmore-sears-kraft-other-product spoiler/prediction: The two NYC boyz: the Israeli from the [other] 'Neck, Ilan, and the Model-Chef-Model, Sam, shave littl' Marcel's hair in a immature prank which ends up biting both Ilan and Sam in the *ss. It no secret we hate Marcel's AND his huge hair. Who doesn't? He looks like a freakin' Jr. vampire. His poem was ghetto-horrible (tangent- why does Ilan always dress ghetto in confessional???) Right, back to the issue. These chefs should have learned their lesson from all the great reality-TV villains before them (Amarose, Santino, Beth, Jeffrey, JennLifshitz). Which is: don't fight him, cause the judges will just hold it against you (as Tom is starting to do). So, all remaining male members, sans Cliffy (no hair), shave their scalps in an emotional, but, too-late, morning-after moment filled with remorse/guilt/fear.
Remember. You heard it hear first. Unless i am wrong.


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7 Responses to “Top Chef Spoiler Marcel Gets his Vampire-Hair Shaven / Amuse-Biatch”

  1. # Anonymous Bige

    that is a really great blog name for the show-- what the heck is an amous bouche (sp) anyway?? I don't know why they hate on Marcel so much b.c it just makes them look reallly petty. Another spoiler: After some research, I think Ilan gets kicked off b.c of the prank, but Sam does not.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Amuse-bouches are tiny bite-sized morsels served before the hors d'Ĺ“uvre or first course of a meal.  

  3. # Blogger Angie

    it really looked like cliff was tiptoeing into the room on the previews. but having them shave in solidarity is a brilliant idea. i think cliff is a big enough bully to do it AND get kicked off, personally.
    BTW, my sister calls marcel the heat miser, which made coffee come out of my nose the first time i heard it.  

  4. # Blogger cj

    haha! good one. i am adding pics of heat mister and eddie munster...

    i dont cliff is that dumb...  

  5. # Anonymous Avery

    Marcel better not lose his presious locks. I will cry so much if he does. DD:  

  6. # Blogger Angie

    not that i saw it back in slo-mo, but this is interesting on amuse biatch.

    they say that elia had a full head of hair during the marcel shaving incident, so you are right...they shaved to cover their asses/out of solidarity.

    all in all, your prediction was pretty spot on, besides the cliff denial you were in, which is understandable.  

  7. # Blogger cj

    i would love to see a screen shot of that alleged incident.

    i think Cliff got caught up in his alcohol. it doesnt make sense they shaved it after... they didnt need to cover anything up...

    if that is the case, cliff is getting thrown off for having no hair to shave!! [sic]

    for the record, i think shaving her head will hurt elia in the long run, makes her look immature.

    also- maybe elia was wearing a wig, like the one in the interview.

    also here is the rap....  

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