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NBA: Do We Really Need Another Ron Harper (poser)?

For those of you who missed the opening week of NBA B-Ball, please stop reading.

For everyone else, i assume you are as excited as i am regarding Kobe Bryant's 2005-06 season. He is healthier than ever, and playing like the league/team-leader he is. His shooting percentage is way-up (only took 6 threes in the pre-season), is getting along well with Master-of-Zen-with-beer-belly Coach Phil Jackson, and is desperately hoping his pathetic teamates can learn the triangle offense.

A few notes/observations from last nite's game:

  • Kobe is god (see here).
  • Kobe's team-mates suck.
  • The Lakers will never win a Championship with the current lineup. (Not that i care about the team's success.) Get rid of Lamar Odom. He hoggs the ball. He tries to do too much. He dribbles too much. Shoots too much. Pushes too much. He pushes off. So- big deal- he's 6'11" and can dribble between his legs. Who can't? Bottom line- he's the square trying to fit in this triangle (couldn't help).
  • Laron Profit is latest of Professional Posers the league has produced. First there was Scotty "i-thought-i-could-win-a-title-alone" Pippen (copying MJ's style), then, there was Ron "left-arm-band" Harper (you thought of the tongue wag?), then Harper again (sad), and now Profit (pathetic). Get a life.

4 Responses to “NBA: Do We Really Need Another Ron Harper (poser)?”

  1. # Blogger roy

    Sorry MM, I think you have it all wrong. Pip never thought he could do it alone. He got corn-rolls and must have done well (obviously not well enough)in order to bring his crappy/demoralized team into the playoffs (pre-Rodman). He called MJ back - remember the pointing-to-the-shoe and beckoning-come-hither episode?

    Also, what do you have against Ron Harper? He's not that bad. A good veteran ball-handler that contributed to the team's success? Didn't he?  

  2. # Blogger cj

    ok. lets clarify:
    1) pippen is a rat. he can't shoot. he is ugly. he was a good supporting cast member to MJ's squad. That's it. Like Craig Hodges, or Paxson, or Rodman, et. al. His supporters, at least, have suggested Pip could have won a championship in '94 without his airness. Coulda-shoulda-woulda-didn't.

    2. Ron Harper seems to like to dress similar to the star player on his team. Likes to stick out his tongue. Tries to emulate the form, mannerism.
    That - is rat behaviour.  

  3. # Blogger roy

    Three words:
    "Hue F-ing Hollins"  

  4. # Anonymous arno

    I like coaches belly  

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