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And How Much Do You Think This Might Be Worth?

Ahhh... Antiques Roadshow. The Most underrated (TM) Pre-Reality, Reality Show out there. This past week we had the pleasure of watching a lady come in with 312 un-opened 1950's Top Football cellophane packs, from her father's toy store.

She had no idea how much they might be worth.

Try... $500 --> $1,000 .... PER PACK! So, somewhere between $156,000 and $312,000.

This should happen to me more often.

This lady comes on with just six unopened packs as samples (312 packs total). One cello had Johnny Unitas on the front, and another had Bart Starr on the front. Her family thought they might be worth something, but they weren't sure so they just stored them away. The antiques "expert" gave her a beginner's lesson only (ie condition of the cello, mentioned the stars are worth more, and that it's Jim Brown's rookie card year). He didn't mention anything about professional grading of any kind whether it's PSA for the individual cards or GAI for the pack grading. Now I don't follow this set, but he said the cellos might be worth $500-1000 each. Again no mention of grading services. Can any of our resident football experts guide us as to their value graded or ungraded. The only '58 pack I see on Ebay was a best offer of $2,550 for a GAI 9 Wax pack.

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  1. # Anonymous BiGE

    What was the "bad" ARS story you were going to say before? I think having to do with someone overpaying or maybe a forgery? Something like that.  

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