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REALITY: Arrested Developments: The Show That Cried Wolf

It looks like the rumors have finally come true... again. [source: CNN]

The Bluth clan of Fox's ratings-challenged "Arrested Development" is also headed for the exit after Fox cut the third-season order on the Emmy-winning comedy to 13 episodes.

I love this show. We all do. I just somehow feel that this entire "we are about to get cancelled, if only our loyal, yet small, fanbase could save us" schtick is getting old. It's the show that cried wolf, in a sense. Think about it, for a second. The show is always on the verge of being cancelled, yet Season 2's DVD sales were ranked #1 at this past month. We must believe the FOX execs are really that dumb.

I would like to suggest that the creators of the show, with FOX's knowledge, have purposely publicized the show's (alleged instability, in a effort to create a "buzz" around it.

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  • Save Our Bluths- Save Our Bluths is a grass-roots campaign by fans of the Emmy-award winning comedy Arrested Development with two goals: to urge Fox to renew Arrested for a third season, and to introduce the innovative comedy to new viewers.
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  • I'm Oscar - Fox run site.
  • Interview with Mitchel Hurwitz - Hurwitz also mentioned in passing that the show created an Asian version of the showÂ’s puppet character, Franklin, but they didn'’t end up using it. Personally, I think they should donate it to the city of Portland.

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