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REALITY: LB Updates #5

This stuff writes itself...

  • Talan was in the car with PH when her Bentley crashed. read it here. (source: Rueters)
  • Talan is preparing a pop album. his website. (source: BigE/

    I'm supposed to be [discreet] about it, so I can't tell you what label I'm with, but it's a really big label push

  • Talan's EBay store lists 5 items. 3 articles of women's clothing and 2 autographed photos.
  • Jason is "taking acting classes, living w. castmate Stephen in LA and still dating LC [she took him back?!]" (source: BigE/USWeekly)

In unrelated news, if any of your spouses asks you to see Shop Girl, ... don't do it!

6 Responses to “REALITY: LB Updates #5”

  1. # Anonymous Big E

    Good LB updates. What's w. Talan's full name? Sounds so made up-- like JC Chasez from NSync.
    And... unrelated... Shopgirl is better than Appleseed. Fo real.  

  2. # Blogger cj

    funny. cause Appurushido has a 7.1 rating.

    while Shopgurl has a 2.9 rating.  

  3. # Anonymous Big E

    6.9 That is a negligible different of horribleness.  

  4. # Blogger cj

    wrong again jockey-girl.

    everyone knows - i only watch movies over a 7!  

  5. # Blogger CoCo

    So I'm glad esther passes this on to me, cuz that stuff about the producers of LB setting up the scenes was priceless. no wonder kristin is laughing every time she talks...that being said, talan's signing BLEW at fight the slide (even though, i must admit, he's my favorite LB hottie -those eyes...). On the flip side, alex m., who also sang, was actually pretty good.  

  6. # Blogger cj

    my source tells me that LC is going to have her own spin-off show called "The Hills". She narrarated season One, for those newbies.  

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