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Nike Air Jordan Charity (sort-of) Auction $425K

For all of you having 425,000 Junior Cheese Burger lying around, don't spend it on a house. Really.

Rather, place an opening bid on all 21 pairs of Nike Air Jordans Sneakers, each one autographed by, his airness, Michael Jordan.

Not only is the $425,000 price tag completely ridiculous, but the auction details point out that only 90% of the proceeds will go to Habitat For Humanity- i.e. the rest will go to someone at ebay's wallet.

Read about it here and pics here.

2 Responses to “Nike Air Jordan Charity (sort-of) Auction $425K”

  1. # Blogger roy

    Wow - $425,000!!! I hope the velvet ropes are included in the auction...  

  2. # Blogger cj

    no one has bid yet  

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