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BBoys Appearance - UNION SQUARE STADIUM 14

We were lucky enought to see the screening of I F'in Shot That, tonite in NYC (Union Square Regal 14 Movie Theater).

Before the show the MC mentioned to stick around for 3 special guests, and, sure enough, the B-Boys completed a short Q-and-A session afterwards.

Random Thoughts:
1) The short with David Cross, a day in the life of Nathaniel Hornblower was lame. He was bad, the jokes werent funny. Good idea. Poor execution.
2) The film itself (i fin shot that) was very good. Good idea. Good execution. Great editing. I was afraid the film would be a poor mix of drunken college guys pointing their Hi-8's at one another, but i wasnt. Kudos.
3) Film highlights: Squashing MikeD with fingers. "Look fun on camera"-guy. Boys going into the crowd/elevator music.
4) Film lowlights: Ben Stiller, fat chick dancing, cheesy special effects.
5) the Question and Answer session was very unorganized. It would have been better with an MC calling on people.
6) Q-and-A Lowlights: MikeD was playing with his t-mobile sidekick (eww), girl from the upstairs asking "what was with that nathanial blowerhorn thing", girl downstairs pathetic kiss-up, "thanks for keeping music honest and true".
7) Highlights: Girl asked AdRock if he was still married, a guy (mike) who shot some footage was there, joking about AdRock playing for the Knicks.

this is all off the top of my head. More to come Later. DVD to be releaed in Jun 26th, i think she said.

If you have any pics, please post. Some dude had a video camera.

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