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To Heidi, "I Love You," From Daniel Franco

I can't understand why Heidi doesn't leave her successful and extremely good-looking (see what QueenE says) husband to join Daniel F in marital bliss and run away to design an often-over-looked-but-always-respectful-of-the-women's-body lingerie line for the masses?!?

Oh yeah, cause he is craaaaaaaaaazy...

14 Responses to “To Heidi, "I Love You," From Daniel Franco”

  1. # Anonymous BigE

    THANK YOU. I have been waiting for some PR mention. This clip was the best. 51:20, but I still don't understand it.
    Also, can anyone guess why Daniel V. was super quiet on the Reunion show. Was it b.c he had won and didn't want to say anything for fear of giving it away or was it b.c he had lost to SR and was bitter.
    Carry on.  

  2. # Anonymous BigE

    I knew it was all in the editing. It was too weird not to be.  

  3. # Blogger cj

    i dont Daniel F comming up with an excuse proves anything  

  4. # Anonymous tairee

    was it just me or was guadaloupe high?  

  5. # Anonymous tairee

    was it just me or was guadaloupe high?  

  6. # Anonymous BigE

    Oh yes, much talk has been made over Lupe's loopy comments. Some say high (CJ/Luzer) and some say drunk (EMR). They were all drinking beforehand, so definitely something was going on with her... Funny how TG repeated his question to her, as if she would sober up in that one second.  

  7. # Blogger cj

    ruuuuuuuuude, bigE!!

    but i guess so is going bowling with the enemy!?!?  

  8. # Blogger roy

    "Lupe's Loopy comments"... That's some good satire!  

  9. # Anonymous tairee

    ooohhh-looks like lupe isn't the only bitter one!  

  10. # Blogger roy

    Tushy. What about Zulima's schitzafrenia errr.. alter ego???  

  11. # Anonymous Bige

    yes, no mention of it til the reunion. Really odd. And then we're all supposed to pretend like we know what they're talking about. I loooved the whole singing montage. Lighten up it's just fashion. But I guess we should get beyond the whole reunion thing as we have bigger and better now. Santino as a sensitive homeless caretaker to adorable children. Who are not afraid to touch him!! I totally fell for it all. He's just misunderstood.
    But don't worry y'all cause I still think Daniel V is going to take it all.  

  12. # Blogger roy

    Tim doesn't seem to agree with your last statement. And Daniel V. seemed pretty preturbed by Tim's disinterest. But we can all agree that Chloe is not even in contention (no sketches... ..who does she think she is?)  

  13. # Blogger cj

    the people have spoken. lets clear up some things.

    1) BigE gets most of her better points from me.
    2) Daniel V was too confident/cocky. didnt like it.
    3) Santino was likeable. scary. (i.e. him with asian girl)
    4) points 2 + 3 above could be the producers throwing us off or could be foreshadowing of things too come.
    5) either way- i would NOT sympathize with santanio-even if he has issues at home. we all do to some degree. he is the ManArosa!
    6) Chloe hasnt been in the running for a while, but the gold couch- she has shown in fashion week just scared off her last 3 supporters.
    7) Review the images from fasion week!! here
    santino looks more like a one-trick pony than we first realized!!! he has one nice dress.
    8) Daniel also has the military theme going - very hot right now. dont' underestimate the Michigan Shnoz!!!!!1  

  14. # Anonymous Myleatherlingerie

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