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PspMediaServer for .NET - Version 0.7.6

PspMediaServer for .NET - Version 0.7.6
This document was last updated 03/15/2006 5:00PM EST by CJ

I Overview:
You can now stream your entire MP3 collection from your PC (Windows XP/MCE/2K) to your Sony PlayStation Portable (w/ firmware version 2.6+) - anywhere in the world - with this dynamic RSS channel creator. No need to take up valuable space on your memory stick.

II Features:
* Dynamicly generates an RSS Channel from your MP3's
* Reads ID3 Tags and adds them as metadata to the channel
* Stream/Play music off the RSS Channel directly from your PSP Browser

III Release Notes: (updated 03/03/2006)
a) Requirements:
* Windows 2000 Prof/XP Prof/MCE machine (tested on all 3) (Home users- see section VI)
* Playstation Portable Player (PSP) w/ version 2.6.0+ firmware
* some MP3 files
* .Net Framework 1.1 (here)

b) Steps:
1) download PspMediaSever_0.X.X.rar (see below) & unrar to a temp directory
2) run setup.exe, choose defaults, ***change PspMediaServerSetup to PspMediaServer***.
3) go to the IIS Admin Tool (Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services Manager) (see section VI if not installed)
4) Create a new Virtual Directory (alias "PSP"), path is your "My Music" (or wherever your MP3s are stored), allow read/run scripts/browse setting, click next, close.
5) change the following line in the C:\inetpub\wwwroot\PspMediaServer\web.config file to:

where YOUR_INTERNAL_IP is the value of your internal ip address (ie 192.168.0.X) (for dynamic DNS help - see section VI)
6) Test your new webserver by browsing to http://YOUR_INTERNAL_IP/PspMediaServer & clicking on GetAllMedia - HTML
7) On your PSP, browse to http://YOUR_INTERNAL_IP/PspMediaServer & click on XML (next to GetAllMedia). Choose YES to add as an RSS channel
8) enjoy!

IV Version History:
The latest version is: 0.7.6 (Alpha)
* 0.7.6 fixed begining of folder-name being cut off bug, added multiple channel by root folder support
* 0.7.5 bug fix
* 0.7.4 added M3U playlist (with full-file-path only!), support, updated instructions, fixed datetime format bug
* 0.7.3 fixed subfolder with spaces bug
* 0.7.2 added default.aspx/html version of XML with XSLT
* 0.7.1 fixed ID3 Tag url tag
* 0.7.0 added mp3/ID3 Tag support
* 0.6.0 added subfolder support
* 0.5.0 first alpha version

V Upcoming Features:
* multiple Audio format support
* detailed dynamic IP / firewall intructions
* different channels by genre/artist/playlist!!!
* Video? It is possible Sony might release support in future versions
* icons for each music file (from MCE/Windows's album cover)

VI Misc Notes:
* Older PSP firmware (<2.6) versions should a homebrew rss reader.
* 2000/XP Home users should look here
* for dynamic DNS support - go here here
* playlists with relative paths have not been released yet

VII Thanks:
* PSPortal-YourPSPV2 and psp_rss_1.0l for some good ideas
* Erhan Hosca's great sample ID3 reader code on CP
* My wife for supporting me ;-D

VIII Links:
* Erhan Hosca's ID3 Tag Reader Using Shell Functions - here
* RSS Channels on PSP's 2.6 Firmware - here
* RSS 2.0 Document Specifics - here
* - here
* My Website - here

IX Feedback:
* email me

X Known Bugs:

/// 2) example RSS 2.0 doc (
/// This is sample contents.
/// en-us
/// (c) 2005 All rights reserved.
/// classic music
/// Mon, 1 Jan 2005 10:00:00 +0000
/// length="1500000" type="audio/mp3" />
/// classic music
/// Mon, 1 Jan 2005 11:00:00 +0000
/// length="1500000" type="audio/m4a"

9 Responses to “PspMediaServer for .NET - Version 0.7.6”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    This is possibly the best RSS mp3 streamer that i have found; finally wireless media servers from a standard PC! Score 1 for .NET coders :)
    Is there any way to add Album art support? (WMP & iTunes and some other players download album art to your music directories "albumartsmall.jpg") with configurable filenames in the web.config file)
    i know the RSS v2 allows pictures (80px by 80px) using the ...<item><description><img src='...'>Track name</description>...</item>...
    XML nodes
    Congrats again!

  2. # Blogger cj

    thanks for the kind words, mark.
    album art is planned in an upcoming release (v<.8), but a problem is that all root folders might not be an album- but a artist root...

    keep on looking here for updates!  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    What is step 5 suppose to say it saays to edit web.config to: then nothing. Underneath none of that pertains to that file? Hel;p please mine is not loading the page correctly.  

  4. # Blogger cj

    download the newer version - 0.7.7

    no need to edit the config for internal use  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I can't access the page through the psp. Does it have something to do with the D-Link Card? My computer isn't directly connected to the router.  

  6. # Blogger cj

    attach to router, please  

  7. # Blogger vermaak

    Hi there mate!

    First off I would like to thank you for spending time working on this as it's something I have been waiting for!

    I have a small problem that I will put to you.

    All steps apart from 1 have gone ok I know its all working and setup properly but when I browse to http/ in firefox it asks me to if I want to save a file called "lpkevujd"

    If I go to the same address in IE I get some text with the XML and HTML links but the links don't work at all.

    The same happens on the PSP browser no working links.

    I have tried a few different versions all with the same results.

    If you could help I would be most grateful  

  8. # Blogger cj


    1) my pleasure
    2) uninstall versions
    3) install version 0.7.7
    4) run aspnet_regiis -i to re=set the .net framework.  

  9. # Blogger vermaak

    CJ, again mate big thanks for helping me the other night get it working! Credit has been given here as I said.

    It works!  

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