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PspMediaServer for .NET - Version 0.7.4

download and rename to rar
PspMediaServer for .NET - Version 0.7.4
This document was last updated 03/08/2006 10:00PM EST by CJ

I Overview:
You can now stream your entire MP3 collection from your home PC (Windows XP/MCE/2K) to your Sony PSP (w/ firmware version 2.6+) - anywhere in the world - with this dynamic RSS channel creator. No need to take up valuable space on your memory stick.

II Features:
* Dynamicly generates an RSS Channel from your MP3's
* Reads ID3 Tags and adds them as metadata to the channel
* Stream/Play music off the RSS Channel directly from your PSP Browser

III Release Notes: (updated 03/03/2006)
a) Requirements:
* Windows 2000 Prof/XP Prof/MCE machine (tested on all 3) (Home users- see section VI)
* Playstation Portable Player (PSP) w/ version 2.6.0+ firmware
* some MP3 files
* .Net Framework 1.1 (here)

b) Steps:
1) download PspMediaSever_0.X.X.rar (see below) & unrar to a temp directory
2) run setup.exe, choose defaults, ***change PspMediaServerSetup to PspMediaServer***.
3) go to the IIS Admin Tool (Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services Manager) (see section VI if not installed)
4) Create a new Virtual Directory (alias "PSP"), path is your "My Music" (or wherever your MP3s are stored), allow read/run scripts/browse setting, click next, close.
5) change the following line in the C:\inetpub\wwwroot\PspMediaServer\web.config file to:

where YOUR_INTERNAL_IP is the value of your internal ip address (ie (for dynamic DNS help - see section VI)
6) Test your new webserver by browsing to http://YOUR_INTERNAL_IP/PspMediaServer & clicking on GetAllMedia - HTML
7) On your PSP, browse to http://YOUR_INTERNAL_IP/PspMediaServer & click on XML (next to GetAllMedia). Choose YES to add as an RSS channel
8) enjoy!

IV Version History:
The latest version is: 0.7.4 (Alpha)
* 0.7.4 added playlist (with full-path lists), support, updated instructions, fixed datetime format bug
* 0.7.3 fixed subfolder with spaces bug
* 0.7.2 added default.aspx/html version of XML with XSLT
* 0.7.1 fixed ID3 Tag url tag
* 0.7.0 added mp3/ID3 Tag support
* 0.6.0 added subfolder support
* 0.5.0 first alpha version

V Upcoming Features:
* multiple Audio format support
* detailed dynamic IP / firewall intructions
* different channels by genre/artist/playlist!!!
* Video? It is possible Sony might release support in future versions
* icons for each music file (from MCE's album cover)

VI Misc Notes:
* Older PSP firmware (<2.6) href="" target="_blank">here
* for dynamic DNS support - go here here
* playlists with relative paths have not been released yet

VII Thanks:
* PSPortal-YourPSPV2 and psp_rss_1.0l for some good ideas
* Erhan Hosca's great sample ID3 reader code on CP
* My wife for supporting me ;-D

VIII Links:
* Erhan Hosca's ID3 Tag Reader Using Shell Functions - here
* RSS Channels on PSP's 2.6 Firmware - here
* RSS 2.0 Document Specifics - here
* - here
* My Website - here

IX Feedback:
* email me bigluzer @ gmail

X Known Bugs:

14 Responses to “PspMediaServer for .NET - Version 0.7.4”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Sweet!! Thanks for the tip.

    psp game  

  2. # Anonymous Dave

    Hi, I got everything working apart from being able to see the localhost from my PSP, it times out trying to connect - Any ideas why?  

  3. # Blogger cj

    are you connecting to the same WIFI router that your localhost-PC (192.168.0.X) is located?  

  4. # Anonymous Dave

    Yes, I'm sitting on the same router as the PC - its almost like the router is blocking access, but I can't understand why, as the PSP is a trusted device on the network.  

  5. # Blogger cj

    responded to your email  

  6. # Anonymous

    i downloaded IIS6 and the setup still has an error?

    email me dude.  

  7. # Anonymous Carlos

    Hi, I have Windows XP and I know you need IIS, but I can't find the section where it explains what to do if I have Windows XP Home. Where is it?  

  8. # Anonymous Mike


    I'm not using IIS and really have no plans on switching from Apache, I really would like to dynamically create my XML file. I haven't installed this yet, because doing so would mean installing IIS and clashing with my Apache. Is there any way we could get a release built non specific to server platform?

    Thanks for your time.  

  9. # Blogger cj


    some updates
    1) this does not support apache. look for another app that does?

    2) here to install iis on xp home.  

  10. # Anonymous JemearlS

    Good stuff CJ!

    I found what I think are some bugs. My MP3's are grouped by folder (album), and when I try to access some of them, the RSS feed comes back as a 404. I checked the Information on my PSP about the RSS link to the MP3, and it looks like part of the folder name (Compilations) was taken out of the string (pilations). Are you removing some of the path at the beginning of the string?

    Also, I don't know if there's a hard-coded limit on the number of MP3's you can show in the interface, but I only saw a fraction of the MP3's on my share.

    Aside from these issues, I love PSPMediaServer. I'm really looking forward to seeing the next release and what features you put in next.  

  11. # Blogger cj

    hi jemerals

    thanks for the good feedback.

    1) that is indeed a bug and something i am working on.
    2) will look into that max file length bug. i have seen 1000+ working.
    3) future versions should include multiple channel's from folders, and possibly lower-bitrate-on the fly encoduing  

  12. # Anonymous Anonymous



  13. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I don't see YOUR_INTERNAL_IP anywhere on the web.config file. I did a search with ctrl f and still did not find it. I'm suppose to replace it with my internal IP correct?  

  14. # Blogger cj

    go to and download the nhewest version (.7.7)  

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